Self-Care is No Longer An Option. It is Essential.

January 29, 2017 Delia Yeager

Dear Ones,

It’s clear that he’s psychotic and a lot of other out-of-sanity things, unfit for office and is bent on destroying America.

It is also clear that like a perp and maniac, he is using all the gaslight, distraction, obfuscation and every other crazy-making technique in the book that he has been using in all his relationships, private and public all these 70 years. So, that’s not going to change.

Once you stop struggling to understand if he is crazy or not, it all gets easier.

He is nuts, and destructive, dangerous and committing a lot of treasonous acts.

Don’t waste your precious life-force energy spin your wheels further by trying to understand or find the “reason” as though you are missing something. You are not. He is bat-shit crazy, and destructive.

And all of us who have been in abusing relationships know, keeping you off balance, in self-doubt, disturbed, upset, passionately upset without peace is exactly where they want out – out of commission, doubting your sanity, having to talk to friends, counselors and taking medication to make yourself okay with things that simply are not okay, by any stretch of the imagination.

Stop being surprised at his outrageous decisions and actions – don’t piss away your energy on that.

Instead focus on what you can do; call, write, tweet or fax a politician’s office to express your witness to their lack of addressing the situation. Let the people in powerful positions know that they are being seen. Celebrate them when they do the right thing, as more of them are, and address their civic duty when they are not doing their job.

There is a lot of great info on the web now about how to participate in the political process. Find the one or 2 approaches that suit you, and put them on your calendar.

Be sure to include connecting many times a day with your higher Self or the All that Is, by walking in nature, playing with your pet, laughing with friends. Spend some time of your day nurturing the loving-kindness that you want to see and experience in the world, because all peace on Earth is and inside job.

Loving up on your life, nature, spending time focusing your passion on making art, singing, thriving in your own skin is a completely rEVOLutionary thing to do, because as in all of life, this political battle IS spiritual at its roots.

Some people have a notion that they cannot be happy/healthy/wealthy/wise until everyone else is; the “all boats must rise,” notion. But this is like saying that are not you, are not beholden to your own well-being and thriving and in fact put others first, but in a way that is disadvantageous to you as well as to them.

Your living a luscious life, that includes enjoying the lusciousness of your life and BEing as well as doing all you can with what you have from where you are every day to make your life and the life of all on the planet more luscious with fairness, equality, justice, peace, livable income and thriving for all is how you bring that into being, making it more accessible to all.

When everyone is doing what they can from where they are on any given day, know that we are better than an army –  a few million unruly individualist who won’t drink the Kool aide or take this shit lying down, we’ve got this.

Find your rhythm in all this because this is just the beginning.

Democracy and self-rule is the long game. You must pace yourself.

If you try to keep up the sprint long term you will burn out and possibly worse.

Self-care is no longer optional.

Your fresh, vitalized, whole Self is absolutely required from here on out.

Churchill was brilliant and drank like a fish to get through his life, but he also painted, and enjoyed himself along the way, because that is crucial to what we want to manifest in the world.

Like the March song from 100 years ago that I kept thinking of at the March  – “we march for bread, but we march for roses too,”

They are men – they fight and talk like men. We are women. think of how different the energy of our marching was from the energy of this administration. Like the perpetrator model, we don’t win this by matching their energy, by not standing down and by being as crazy fight ready as they are. We win by loving; ourselves which over flows to others near and far, and becomes a contagious force of healing.

He is a great example of someone who won’t address their inner issues. It is crucial that we all do our inner work of healing and forgiving our own inner demons, and whatever resonates within you in reaction to him, but never buy the lie that you can’t do anything useful until you have no inner stuff left to get triggered.

Schedule your day so you have time to engage and fax/call/write or March as the situation warrants but you must also plan to not be in the fray some part of each day.

You must love yourself and all you hold dear enough to engage with that each and every day as well.

Long game strategies differ from sprint strategies.

You must rest, you must experience some peace and connectedness with the Greater Good, you higher self and the All That IS every day, or you will believe every bad thing that’s said.

 To forsake the soft, the vulnerable, the sweetness of life – that you are defending – to only be in battle, outraged, upset and too full of anxiety and fear to sleep or digest properly is the bad guys winning.

However, for you to embody the passionate life-FORce of caring and loving life, your friends and strangers, that kind of thing makes the bad guys nuts because then they can’t control you. Can’t wind you up and get you spent and wiped out, out of the game and used up, to conveniently get you out of the way so they can do whatever they want.

You – fully conscious, aware, seeing What Is, and not buying it, are force of nature.

You, marching, organizing, helping each other instead – you, fully empowering yourself with connection to your Spirit and full of the love of all, that makes you one potent being. Modeling and living the reality of liberty and justice for all, and expecting that of the people around you and the elected officials, well, that will drive them crazy.

And since this is a spiritual battle as well as a physical world one, the more you love, yourself, your higher power of Self, your neighbor, the more they world they are trying to create is suffocating, because they can’t create and manifest that word if none of us go along with it.

Take good care of yourself, every day. Because you and the world need you to be thriving and well connected to your spirit to nurture and manifest the world of thriving most of us want.