Sacred Pleasure Clearing Call This Saturday

May 4, 2017 Delia Yeager

Soooo – have you noticed the change in energy now that it’s May, it’s May, the Lusty month of May?

I am so glad you’re here! Let’s see what wonders you will manifest, once you’ve cleared off Sacred Pleasure!

I’m thrilled to hear all the ways that you are ready to get free from old limiting ideas, lies, misinformation and bs!

You’ve told me how
– you’re feeling like you just can’t take another ounce of bullshit or manipulation from anyone anymore
– that you have seen how it’s really your own bs and making yourself wrong that you can’t take anymore
– that you can’t stand living all pent up, anxious, fretful and waiting for the other shoe to drop

Noticing how you are controlled by things like
– the lie that you can’t feel better until you’ve saved the world
– the lie that you can’t have more love-money-fun-travel-health until everyone you know has more, too
–  the lie that whatever you have is at the expense of others
–  the lie that you are bad and wrong for wanting more
–  that you are done with being exhausted, depleted, upset and too worn down to do what you love
–  that you are ready to have the love/money/career/life of your dreams – now!

And that you are 100% committed to clearing out all the limiting, controlling crap that has tarnished your sacred pleasure, delight, joy and yumminess.

Pleasure is so potent a magnetic force in bring what you desire to you, that it has been distorted, lied about, shamed and distorted for the past 350 – 3,500 years.

For instance, the moment of orgasm is one of the most powerful moments to focus on and draw to you what you desire.  No wonder the patriarchy, various religions, the Church, governments, and men have been doing their best to own and control women’s bodies for so long!

This is part of why pleasure & desire have been so distorted, especially in women.

This weekend, let’s take advantage of the “lusty month of May’s” energy and clear the programming, non-permission, programmed shame and other toxins off this fabulous energy that makes life so magical.

Sacred Pleasure Healing Call
SATURDAY, MAY 6TH at 12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

Time to live uncontrolled, unbought, ungovernable. Freedom Rocks.