Sacred Pleasure Clearing Call – May 6, 2017
This Saturday

12:00 Pacific / 3:00 Eastern time

From the comfort of your own phone, in the quiet, “Do Not Disturb” place of your choice.

We will clear the

  • tarnish of pleasure, that forbidden-threat energy
  • anything that says feeling good is somehow bad, evil, or wrong
  • anything that says you can only have pleasure to give other’s pleasure

We will meet on the teleconference call, do some energy work, get your energies running, do some clearings and get more spaciousness and expansion around sacred pleasure – how it can come to you, how you can think about it and how you can explore new ways of relating to pleasure, feeling good, satisfaction and expecting the best.

Pleasure is potent, and there have been – for generations and lots of live times – lots of limits to your being allowed to have or enjoy your own sensations, being in your own skin, fun, lusciousness and delight.

What to expect:

  • Meet on the call, at the appointed time
  • Participants phones will be muted, so everyone can hear the guided meditation and clearings without distraction
  • After you’ve got your energy flowing in the guided meditation, you will follow along during the clearings, saying yes out loud as your way of standing for your greatness – the power of your word – and clearing out the old energies, agreements, contacts, misinformation and out-dated limits, freeing you in present time and going forward
  • Remember – you cannot get rid of anything that you actually need. Trust your higher self to be more conscious than your body-mind is, so far. You can release without limit in these sessions, knowing you are in great hands – your Spirit’s
  • Calls last about 50 minutes
  • You get the mp3 within 24 hours of the live session.
  • Re-listen to the clearings as often as you like. Turn it up and re-do the session, or have it on low in the background while you do other things. Keep listening as long as you are interested and stop when you no longer think of it. Simple.
  • Jot down notes about what you notice on the day we have the call, then the day after and the day after that. Foster your new freedom and release by noticing how you are making a difference in your own body and life, loving up on you more and more!

How they gonna keep you down and controlled if you’re all feeling your own power, without them to protect, control or manipulate you? They aren’t, because you are ready to do what it takes to set yourself free. And your having, owning, enjoying and wielding your pleasure is a big part of being sovereign in your own skin.

Just look at the news – there’s lots of energy that does not want you thriving and being sovereign! That’s why now is such a great time for these clearings!

On this call, there’s no back and forth conversation, but you are encouraged to email me before hand with your concerns or sticking points about pleasure, manifesting and thriving. Or just anything specific that you would like covered in this call.

As you’ve heard me say before, the key to everything is your willingness & capacity to R E C E I V E, and enjoy.

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