May 22, 2018 Delia Yeager

How often are you running on fear?

Maybe not overtly – you’re too clever for that, but when you stop and sense into you and ask, “am I running on fear here?” or, “am I doing this out of fear?” do you get a sense of lightness, or a sense of no-way-out-I’m-doomed-now-and-busted-too? That’d be a yes.  

I’ve got to figure this out!

If you are running on fear, you are probably having aches and pains, and headaches, tight neck and shoulders, poor digestion, not sleeping well, probably a bad case of what I call Rat Brain, where you head not only does not let you sleep, it also does not let you resolve anything or get to the end of the cycle where you get more peaceful because you know what to do, and that you can do it.

If you are running on fear, you are thinking your way through everything, and the funny thing is, you are presuming to know everything, about everything, or at least you are expecting yourself to know everything about everything, then getting upset when you find that you don’t.

You expect yourself to know more than Google, and just as fast, like your life depends on it. Now really – does that seem fair?

And when you get proof that you don’t know everything, you interpret that to signify that you are doomed, (and it’s all your fault, or all their fault, this flip-flops) instead of seeing that there is so much beyond the horizon you can currently perceive. 

This is form of super-controlling. It is meant to be a way to protect you from the unknown, because at some point in your life, you concluded that the unknown was the root of all evil this world.

Some people are controlling in really obvious ways.

Maybe trying to micro-manage themselves and others, at work and/or at home, making and sticking to plans instead of spontaneously doing anything, managing, planning, scheduling everything in their lives to within an inch of their lives, to establish the order that did not protect them when they were little and lost in the cacophony of whatever happened when they were young.

Some people are controlling in the really “nice” ways.

Always trying to prove what a good person they are by anticipating others needs, or “thoughtfully” steering and controlling by crafting the choices available so the “right” choices are made.

We think it is so helpful when we are the one doing this, but we know how controlling and annoying it is when we are on the receiving end of this!

Layers. There are a lot of layers in this survival program.

Once a young body determines that rules, laws, order and thinking are the only things that can save them, they become locked in to the rules, laws, order, and thinking as the only operating system in life that can sustain them, and see everything – movies, TV shows, books, what happens in friend’s lives, at work and everywhere, though this lens.

When you see everything through a lens like this, no other possibility is visible to you. You literally cannot see any other possibility, much less possibilities.

Just because you cannot see all the infinite possibilities that you swim in does not mean that you don’t have infinite possibilities available to you, right here, right now.

That’s why we love any book or story that reminds us to believe in what we cannot see – yet. Believing is seeing, as one of them says. 

But what if you could start to include the beyond, the what is beyond the known horizon, and build those muscles until the day when you are able to see the infinite possibilities we swim in? Would you do that? Would you want and chose to spend the time and energy to find the as-yet-unknown Possibilities in every moment?

You wouldn’t be getting a better handle on how to control everything and everybody – you would be getting to learn how to live by your inner-knowing, your inner GPS – your Greatness Propulsion System – and thrive in every moment, no control required or allowed.

Control kills your Knowing. It superimposes that grid of predictability and pre-planned over the Live information your system perceives, even if it is suppressed and ignored by your being on auto-pilot.

Assuming that you know everything about everything erases millions of possibilities out of existence, but only in your mind. Luckily, those millions of possibilities do still exist, you just can’t see them – yet.

The same auto-pilot that is supposed to help you is the very thing that is suppressing your true knowing, and making all the sensory information your system is transmitting an interfering annoyance or white noise, because you will not listen.

Now, if you have read this far it is probably because it has made sense and resonated with some things in your life experience.

To you I ask, if you could have a fundamentally different experience of life and what’s possible for you, would you take it? Would you apply yourself to What’s Possible, with the same dedication you have applied to control, or making yourself safe by shutting down? Even if you can’t see – Yet – the infinite possibilities that are all around you, right here, right now? Would you?

The way is too simple for most people to grasp, lacking all the bells and whistles of complication and the value of being really hard to do.

Choice. What you choose, matters.  

What you chose in the moment, including the definitions, conclusions, assumptions you chose to make in every moment, are either the invisible but palpable bars of your prison cell, or they are the very thing that turns those hard bars into shadow, then smoke, then nothing, and you are free, and much safer than any prison or control could ever make you.  

Most of us need training at how to live and perceive in a new way. 

Hell, most of us need training in how to stop stopping ourselves through our thinking!

I know I read a million books, everything from energy, healing, philosophy, economics, sales, politics, history to name a few, but it was working with a person, who could see my blind spots, that made all the difference for me in the end.   

So this is what I am on a mission to do – help you Know that you Know, and how to perceive your way in life, with all your very sharp sensory awareness and capacities, breaking free from having your prison of beliefs bob along the river of life, unable to change the world for you or anyone else, and instead shatter those old lies, conclusions, assumptions, and beliefs that have limited you and so many of us for so many lifetimes and generations.

If this doesn’t sound like something you are interested in, I wish you every great thing and thank you for being here. If this sounds like something you can’t imagine, but are interested in, let’s talk about the SLP – a customized program just for you.   

What if you never manipulated or abused you again?   
What if you never beat yourself up again?
What if you could be the most luscious place to be, inside your skin, all the time?
What if you mattered more than all the other people, places and things you normally try to control?
What if you never had to question or worry about your safety and thriving ever again? Because you’re living it.  


You can live mentally off-grid, totally free-range, unmanaged, uncontrolled, free from the nutty and with more ease, joy, fun energy and power than you have never even imagined. I know – from experience.

You can live as your Infinite Self through and in this amazing body of yours. You have that capacity. You have the power to thrive & shine.

Meanwhile, notice what you are choosing and ask, “What else IS possible, that I’ve never even thought of?” (especially when sh*t hits the fan!) 100 times a day, and notice what happens.

You can feel & live better, faster than you think.

Not with the same operating system you have now, but you can change.  You can unclutter, de-fragment, clear out and BE more YOU, than you’ve never even imagined.

Oh, and if you want to grow your business to the next level of client capacity, and tax bracket, this customized program would fit you perfectly as well. It’s all about the Next Level, because as fundamentally creative beings, all we want to do is grow and change and see what else is possible!

I have 2 spots open for this one to one private training.

If you have never worked with me before, book a single session. See what it’s like to feel better, more energized, and confident, soon than you’d ever have imagined. If you like that, we can get going on your personal empowered healing and having more Yum in your life training.

If you were waiting to have more joy, fun, health, money, freedom, relief and adventure in your life, is now the time you stop waiting?

If you are done waiting, let’s do this. Now.

Let’s talk. Mention SLP when you leave a message. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours, or a minute, depending on my schedule.

(703) 531-8756  or  (206) 452-3557

And another thing….

Remember:  you get to be You all day long – how cool is that!?!!! You potent rainbow Unicorn of as yet unimagined power, magnitude, magic and greatness!

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