Rise Up and change your life

June 18, 2018 Delia Yeager

There is so much shifting and changing these days. It’s sometimes – Wahooo! –  and sometimes -OMFG! – but it is not boring!

I’m in the midst of some great changes and evolution in how I do sessions and workshops, energetically as well as smoothing out some technical bugs, and to do all this in the ways that serve everyone involved to the highest, it’s time for us to do some going focused 1:1 work.

All healing is self healing, and I want to move some energy, fast, which is great for you who have been waiting for a Special to get some sessions!

I’ve been focusing my own healing/training on spirit-body communication as well as on business and money, aka welcoming judgments and allowing for MORE in every area of my life, but your session can be on anything that you want to shift and change in your own life.  Everything is all interrelated anyway, so no matter what your topic is, it’s a win-win session for us both.

I have openings for

6 – fifty five minute sessions at $150 each, 25% off,
instead of $200, limit 3. Click here to get yours.

The most frequently purchased quantity is 2 – $300 but you can get as many as 3 at $450, best value

Special ends when all sessions are sold, or midnight Wednesday, June 20th, whichever comes first, and booked for sometime within the next 2 weeks.

Click here

Things you might be interested in changing… 

I’ve been particularly aware of old my practice of projecting my old trauma’s onto people, places and things in present time, and clearing that.

I’ve also become aware of how if the degree of not being willing to be judged totally limits our ability and capacity to receive, so the measure of how much you resist being judged is exactly how much money, clients, and possibilities you are refusing to perceive, and I totally am ready to change that.

If you have something that you are sick and tired of working around, or changing your attitude about so you can accept it, and you’re ready to be done with it, this is a great time to grab a couple of support sessions of clearings, and the MP3’s you can listen to again and again, and get. it. done.

If you are ready to Rise Up and move onto creating instead of always problem solving (creating creates more possibilities while problem solving just keeps you on the hampster wheel of creating more problems to solve, to prove your worth, or for entertainment purposes)

Don’t sign up for this is you don’t truly want things to change!

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