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Join me as we explore ways for you to connect with the true power of your Spirit-self, clarify your own truth, and get the guidance, perspective, and tools you need in the process of changing your life to reflect who and what you want to be.

How to be spirit in a body at this crucial time in human evolution has it own challenged and opportunities. We discuss the spiritual perspective of current events, and how the growth periods of the individual and the society affect and mirror each other.

Freedom. Liberation. Cooperation. Thriving. Joy. For the One and the many.

Be. You. Now.  We’ll talk about how to live this way on the show.

For people who are interesting in growing their own conscious connection in every area of life.

Conscious Connecting airs a new episode every Saturday.

Or any time at your convenience on the Archives.


This Weeks Episode

7/16/16 – This week we are talking about the large arcs for freedom and healing playing out on the world stage at this time. “Do all you can with what you have from where you are.”

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