Sovereign Living Practice Training – The SLP

February 20, 2018 stanfieldm


Packages of training/healing sessions for when you are ready to invest in living your truth, living as the sovereign of your Self and life.

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Packages of training/healing sessions for those committed to their  healing and thriving.

All your life you’ve been a role –  you’ve been defined by your relationship to, a satellite of , others – a daughter, a grand daughter,  a sister, a girlfriend, a hostess, a wife, an aunt, a mother, a student, an employee, a driver, an admin assistant, a manager, a boss, a tool of actualizing someone else’s vision, dreams, will. Playing by their rules, and wondering what’s wrong with you when you feel the pain of this set-up.

We keep these rules in place by resisting them, or colluding with them, or agreeing with them and even by denying their affect on us at all.

The forces at play in the Universe are particularly helping/urging/demanding of us that you come all the way home to your true Self – that Infinite Being at the core of you.

The SLP is designed to assist you with the spiritual energy healing as well as coaching that you need, to fill in the gaps of your information, fill out the foundation so you can flourish in ways you have yet to imaging, and roll with the changes of the times and the people, places and things around you, secure in the reality and certainty that You Are your Infinite Self walking around in this amazing, fabulous body/personality that other’s recognize as you.

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6 Sessions, 3 Session, 12 Sessions, 18 Sessions, Year of Thriving (48 Sessions)