Regain Your Power Package

September 25, 2018 Delia Yeager


Packages of private training/healing sessions and include:

  • Private Energy Awareness Coaching weekly sessions or as we customize for you
  • Energy Release Healings, to start you off getting more relief, then you learning how to do the same for yourself between sessions
  • MP3 of the sessions that you can listen to again as you desire
  • Daily Practices and tools to empower you daily
  • A PDF workbook/playbook with your new practices to follow


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While it is common knowledge, and more validated every day, that there are huge numbers of abused people in the world, there is also a tremendous amount of shame about being a victim to abuse, so people choose to reframe it or deny it. But that never works.

All that does is abandon and further abuse the initially abused part.

Like everyone else in the culture I grew up in, I made all the abuses I ever experienced my own fault. If it was my fault, I might be able to change it, but what happened instead was I simply abused myself in the ways I had learned growing up: neglect, minimized my emotions and intelligences, made myself wrong at every turn and in every case. I had learned that everything always was all my fault, and carried that out in the absence of healthy role models and information.

The great news about all this is that in time, I found the energy healing techniques that work for me.

I found the models and techniques outside of the cultural norm, that did not fight the cultural norm but were not from that pool of logic, those values, those biases, that I could use to free myself from the self -abuse the culture would have me live under till the day I died.

In the dawning of the new ERA (both a new day, new awareness and revision of the Equal Rights Amendment idea, if not fact); in the #metoo era that has let so many people find their voice, and in the age of #timesup and #whyIdidn’treport it, there is a thrust of energy coming into the world’s consciousness to continue to speak up and out and be all the way on your own side – now more than ever.

To facilitate you in your growth and healing, standing your ground with your loved ones (because who cares about the others) and how to live as your infinite spirit self inside your scrumptious body, here is a package just for you.

If you are ready to –

  • not get frazzled by how someone feels about you
  • be aware but completely unaffected by any of it
  • know what your body is telling you when your shoulders get tight
  • know what your stomach is telling you
  • happily respond to the messages from your body
  • increase your willingness, capacity and tolerance for receiving
  • HAVE more of your Self, and the love/security you’ve desired

then this package is for you.


Prerequisite interest –  
– Ready & willing to say and do things in new ways in your everyday life
– Ready & willing to start a new energy practice and daily meditation to develop your conscious awareness
– Ready & willing to allow things to change even if you can’t explain how
– Ready & willing to release what’s kept you locked up and/or justified in your old position
– Ready & willing to participate in your own thoughts, feelings, Life and more!

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6 Sessions, 3 Sessions, 12 Sessions, 18 Sessions, Year of Thriving (48 Sessions)