Clairvoyance for Empaths

May 28, 2018 Delia Yeager


4 weekly classes, live or on Zoom, on how your energy works, and how to better use your superpowers of perception.



Knowing what to do with other people’s energies is not only useful, but if you are an Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person, it can be a lifesaving, and sanity saving, practice.

Here’s what we will be doing in the training

Wk. 1 – Overview and sensing energy practice –  Auras, Gathering energy, Grounding
Wk. 2 – Tapping into big You; energy balls & playing catch, get bigger, energetically
Wk. 3 – Reading others & getting feedback!!! Live and in class!
Wk. 4 – Tools for reading yourself; more reading each other

Each class has time for your questions about what we’re doing and how you do it, so everyone gets to guidance about their own system.

Whether you are completely new to this, or are a professional clairvoyant, energy reader of any kind, or have been meditating for years, this class will have great information for you, that gets you in better harmonics and control with your own superpowers of Being.