5 Sessions Special

June 28, 2018 Delia Yeager

$1,000.00 $899.00

5 Private sessions, training and healing mix
MP3 emailed to you
MP3 of the meditation (energy workout) for you to listen and practice 2 x day
LOTS of gold stars



There comes a time when you are done with the things that don’t work, and you’re ready for the more spacious, more calm, more emPOWERed YOU to come into your body, and your life, and your bank account, business, love life, family life, travel life and everything, full-time.

The SLP or Sovereign Living Practice is a training practice that over time, facilitates you in how to occupy your body and your life, more and more fully everyday.

You need to know how to access your true North, in every situation. This training helps you build those muscles so your knowing isn’t wishful thinking, or an emotion, but a done-deal-fact.

This 5 Session special gives you a chance to get some familiarity with the tools, while also getting some much needed healing, to help move the obstacles and stuck energies enough for you to sense/feel the difference, opening to the MORE that truly IS AVAILABLE to you, when you know how to BE with your body, in your body, and how to move out what’s in your way.

The 5 Session Special is $899 instead of $1,000 and you get

Weekly call private session, part training and part healing
MP3 emailed to you within 24 hours
Daily homework/play
Rewards and gold stars along the way

If you are ready for the MORE you KNOW is available in LIFE, let’s get started. Now.