10 Weeks – Transform & Own Your Life

October 1, 2018 Delia Yeager


10 Weeks Training to Transform Your Life! You get to be you, all day long. How does it get any better than that? Know how to support yourself with the radical self-care of being present, consciously aware and On Your Side. Your Time is NOW.


It is in the moments of the day that we create.

Consciously or unconsciously, all throughout the day. Everyday.

Sometimes we go to church or to a membership club, and we recite the things we agree to believe in.

Sometimes we invest time and money in a workshop or training to come up with some things that we want to believe in.

But if you do not practice saying the things you want to believe in to yourself often and daily, none of the new words or ideas take root, and you decide the workshop didn’t work.

We are creators.

That’s what are designed and built to do.

Like a movie projector is built do show light through film and the light plays on the wall in images that seem real but aren’t – that’s a likeness of a fraction of what we do, and how we create physical, real world reality. All. The. Time.

But the how’s of how we operate are more about steps that create more of what you desire vs what you don’t desire, instead of an academic in intellectual understanding.

Instead of that, I’ll say this. Like and infinite, power-energy-being with an amazing human body, and 10,000 more capacities that the modern fable of what we are allows, we are constantly creating like the goddesses and gods that we are, but we have been creating a lot of crap because we are not acknowledging that we ARE massively, powerful energy beings in fantastic skins.

Denying a capacity warps it, and turns it from an asset to a liability.

When you have capacities with reading energies and knowing what’s up for a person or group or region, and live in a fable that says that’s not possible or you’re crazy, that capacitie is bastardized and now haunts you, debilitates you, instead of empowering you.

But see – it is not the capacity but the fable, story, the belief in the wrong definition that turns it to a liability.

What if instead you could write your own definitions, and find your own truths and power about all your capacities – especially the ones you have disowned or shut down?

What if  you could clearly know and live from the power of the true You, the lightness of You, infinite power energy being in a fantastic body?

Learning how to be you, how to know what is you and what is not, what is you and what is someone else’s projection or definition, is a doable thing, and you are the only one who can do it. For you.

You are an infinite being and only you have the ability to transform your life into the very skin and place you want to be, every day. You are the only one who can, but it takes some training, too. Learn some tools and habits that change everything.


Learn an energy practice meditation to develop your awareness of your own system
How to know the Yes & No for you in any situation
Develop awareness of what is yours, and what is not, and
How to rid yourself of what is not yours, and
How to fill up with your own bright-light-power-energy
Reading energy in real-time
Daily practices to continue to deepen and develop your conscious awareness
Clarity helps you create more of what you truly desire
Grow whatever you want to flourish – your career, your business, your love life – everything!


Along the way I will also assist you in healing old ideas, limits, lies, conclusions and you will start to do that for yourself as well. You can get stronger, happier, lighter, richer and live more ease, joy and glory every day.


You get:

10 weekly live sessions by teleconference or Zoom
Recordings of the sessions to use during the week
Meditation MP3 for daily use
Work/Playbook pdf for the course with writing and other daily practice homework/play
Mantras, clearings and questions to ask daily and often
To set yourself free!