November 10, 2016 Delia Yeager

HI y’all – 

Here we are in the new, post-apocalyptic world.

We’ve gone from 9/11 to 11/9. Not clear yet what it means, but it seems significant.

I like to think of this as the time we kicked it into high gear., and see a dramatic spike in people committed to getting clear, unfogged, and chip away at this phenomenally creative and destructive time. It takes both, you know.

There are many things to get to remember and address now, not the least of which is our own healing practice. 

I’m thinking of renaming the work that I teach from a meditation practice to the Energy Work out, or the Self Healing Practice. What do you think?

All day long I have been writing in my head, making a list of all the things that I am grateful for of this election cycle. 

I’m grateful that more people have come out of the woodwork, to share their grief and pain at their loss, lack or disenfranchisement.
I am grateful for the people who have come into my life, professionally and personally.
I am grateful that so many people have been so vocal in their appreciation of the best President Ever.
I am grateful that Hillary showed us how to stand tall and keep at it; how to believe in oneself in a grounded way, no matter what.
I am grateful for the amazing new clients who are so brave and determined to not live in fear any longer. So inspiring.
I am grateful for the cracks in the system showing so brightly, so we can get to work repairing where possible or better yet, reinventing
I am grateful for all the truth-telling, compassionate FB sites that have sprung up to create community and inspire each other

One thing I am particularly grateful for is the bottom falling out from under – again. 

I am grateful for how often that has happened in my life, so I’m not startled and as freaked out as the first time, unable to process it all in a hurry. But now I am an old hand at shock and dismay.

Now I’m grateful for all my training at shock and being let down by the system and institutions, and all the healing work that inspired me to seek out and now – so grateful for all the seniority or maturity and the benefits I now enjoy from all those years of training and practicing this energy and healing work. So, I’m not so bowled over. 

I have a colleague that I admire greatly who is a shaman and a film maker. The copyrighted tag line for the movie she wrote and is working on getting funding for now is – “What if they key to your healing is locked in your enemy’s heart?”closed-eyes Redhead-628x363

What if your reactionary, volatile, emotional, nauseating responses are all communications and that underneath those messages is a ton of power, clarity, lightness and infinite, untold possibilities that you have yet to even consider?

And most of all, what if your Healing practice puts your analyzer in the back seat, instead of the director’s chair, once and for all, so all your other deeper, more transcendent healing capacities can come forward?

If you are on fire to change your life, to improve your life and the world… if you are like President Obama says, Fired Up and Ready To Go, or if you want to be that, let’s get going now. Now is the prime time to start building those spiritual muscles that we are all going to need to get where we want to go – clean air, clean water, clean fuel, a thiving economy, everybody safe with decent jobs and homes to live in, do-able transportation, kids thriving with arts programs and learning to play and learn at school, no worry about guns and killings in the world, no fear alarms going off un-heeded 24/7 and some nice local greens at the Friday Night Pot Luck.

It’s time to get serious about your healing, your thriving, your well-being, your knowing that no matter what, You (spirit) have got your body-back.

The elective season is over, but today has been such a sock to the system. It’s been a perfect day to apply the healing technique of Present Time, or being all right here, right now, with and in your body.

And some or you know it is time to answer the call, no matter what – whatever that means.

It’s time to up your commitment to your thriving and living as spirit in this fabulous body.

What will your life and the life of the planet be in 5 years if you start your Spiritual Living Program of energy workout and self healing with me now?

Notice how your body feels – light? Heavy? Drained? Energized?

What will your life and the life of the planet be in 5 years if you do not start your Spiritual Living Program of energy workout and self healing with me now?

Again – notice how your body feels – light? Heavy? Drained? Energized?

Do that a few times and then call or email me. Let’s talk and set you up in your costumed designed program of 1:1 healings and energy work out trainings.

This way you get some held getting the truck off your foot AND learning how to do your own self healing, so you can do that all day long, at the office, at school, and at home.

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Here’s a clip from Kyle Cease from this morning. I love this guy. I don’t subscribe to everything he says, chapter and verse, but the bulk of this – and his intentions- are great.

Remember the wisdom of Teddy Roosevelt –

Do all you can with what you have from where you are. Everyday.

That’s the recipe for changing the world.