October 11, 2014 Delia Yeager

Your POV can be a source of great pain, struggle, problems, social difficulties and a lot of other limitations.

We often hear about POV as an illusion like time or reality.

We hear about the need to let go of our POV.

And here’s the thing – some people DO need to let go their iron-fisted absolutist POV and make some room for someone else’s POV. Fabulous! There are a lot of articles out there for you already.

This is for a different person.

This is for the person who doesn’t really know, much less own, their own point of view.

The Empaths, the sensitive, the untrained clairvoyant or clairsentient for instance.

The child who navigated her/his lives by tuning in to everyone else’s emotions for survival sake.

The person who – to this day – knowingly or unknowingly calibrates their energy and experience to match the people around them, to be included, to feel loved and/or connected, to feel safe.

You are the one who is sensitive, caring, has more feelings and thoughts than you know what to do with; and you are the one who cannot stand it anymore.

To you I say – congratulations!

Being at the end of your rope is exactly the best place in the world to be right now!

Why? Because you are right – you cannot go on like this anymore.

Without your own point of view you have to navigate your life by other people’s views and that is even less reliable than trying to navigate the ocean by the stars – when you don’t know how to read the stars!

Without your own point of view, you are always looking outside of yourself for others to reflect back to you or tell you who you are, what you need, what you should do, how you should feel about things, and the meaning of things.

This is no good for anyone. You can only bumble along following someone else’s map with definitions that aren’t grounded in your experience, your reality, making you both wrong.

Their answers can work for them because they are standing in the center of their life (that is an assumption by the way. If they were, why are they “helping” you so much?)

YOUR answers work for you, but you have to turn back into you to find them. 

For you a lot of what you read about letting go of your point of view is only partially correct.

It is true that it is time to let go, but what you need to let go of is OTHER PEOPLE’S POV! 

The people you have been looking to for your survival – they can’t save you – but YOU CAN save you. To do that you have to fully occupy and BE you.  Own your experiences that inform and create your unique point of view; standing BY you IN the center of your life, your experiences, your BEING. 

It is time for you to let go of other people’s emotions.

It is time for you to let go of other people’s thoughts.

It is time for you to let go of your old way of needing others for your survival.

It is time for you to find YOUR point of view, your still point, your center.


When you stand IN Your center, occupy Your Point of View, the world and everything in it will look different.

When you stand IN Your center, occupy YOU, you can start to Stand BY You.

When you Stand By You, your body-mind-personality experiences a safety that you may have never known.

When you Stand By You, you experience the fullness and richness of BEING You, right here, right now, THE Point of most power.

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© Delia Yeager, 2014, All Rights Reserved