Would you like to contribute to and receive from the planet?

February 14, 2019 Delia Yeager

Recently I participated in yet another really great training about raising your vibration, reading energy, contributing to and from the Planet.

I have more new clearings and questions to share with you for generating more health, peace, wealth, fun and energy for yourself, your business, life, relationships, travel and money-honey, and more!

One new, mind blowing tip is for pain in your body.

What if the pain in your body is your body’s awareness of something the planet requires? And no, this energy that registers as pain in your body is not pain to the planet – it is energy.

Some pain comes from holding on to old stuff, or other people’s energy, or energy that’s projected at you about being in a (female/male) body, age, genetics, and more excuses for limitations.

These days there is more crap being programmed and projected at your body than you can even imagine.

But sometimes the pain you feel in your body is actually your body’s infinite awareness (having nothing to do with your thinking mind) of something the planet needs.

Not all pain is the same, but let’s try this right now. I think you will be blown away.

Try this, when you have a few minutes to yourself.

Close your eyes and become really aware of your yummy body as you take some nice, deep breaths, all the way down into your legs and toes, arms and fingers, and the tips of your hair.

Ground and blow roses, or if you don’t know what that means, just invite back all your attention and energy, coming all the way into your sweet body. Say hello to your good, sweet body, and thank it for being so communicative and responsive. Good body!

Now, focus on one body pain/discomfort and turn up your awareness of that part of your body. You are not turning up the pain volume, but the awareness volume.

Remember, resistance just gets in the way, so say, “Barriers down, barriers down, barriers down. All levels, layers and dimensions, barriers down,” and repeat that till you soften a bit.

Now, from awareness, greet the Planet, like you did your sweet body. “Hi Sweet Planet – I’d like to gift and receive, and commune with you, whatever you and I require, now.”

And without trying to figure out how or what even, or even thinking about it, simply allow the pain in your body to go down into the planet, and allow your body to receive whatever it requires from the planet.

While this communing is happening you can blow roses if you know now, or simply have your hands kindly and lovingly on your body, having the idea of exchanging energies between your luscious body and the luscious planet, and enjoy the luscious exchange.

See – it is your being-ness that makes the difference and contributes, not your thinkingness.

Notice how your body thaws out and relaxes as you do this… relaxes and yet energized, too. Clear. Brighter. More Yummy. You! Ahhh!


If you want a private session for more training and facilitation with your sweet body, releasing pain and/or communing with the planet, click here and feel yummier today.

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