Perfect Pictures vs Your Authentic Zing

September 19, 2018 Delia Yeager

Are you operating from more Perfect Pictures than you can stand? And – how many of them are even yours?

What are Perfect Pictures?

Pretty much what they sound like.

They are the idealized version of something. A mandate of what something “should” look like, be like, taste, smell or seem like.

Perfect Pictures do no tolerate any variation or reinterpretation.

The energy of a Perfect Picture is, “this is The Way this thing must be,” unwaveringly.

Perfect Pictures are absolute, with that intolerance black or white energy. It’s either right or it is totally and absolutely, irrevocably wrong. No gray area, no middle ground.

Perfect Pictures are often confused for being a desirable goal, or the attainable ideal, the inspirational destination, but you can always sense-feel the difference between an of those, and a Perfect Picture.

Perfect Pictures are also known as Stuck Pictures for their unwavering quality.

If whatever it is is a desired destination, it will draw you towards it. Desire inherently has attracting, magnetic qualities that are lively, dynamic and engaging.

What you desire (magnetic; attracting energy) unwaveringly will and must come to you.

It’s not about judgment – deserving is a human construct that does not apply.  

Energy is magnetic – like literally attracts like. It’s physics; harmonics.

Look – if you have a guitar, a banjo, a ukulele, and a piano in the same room and you pluck the C string on one of those, the C string on the rest will resonate, literally quiver and play as though they too have been plucked.

What you desire, what you deeply desire rarely changes. It gets covered over, or pushed aside, diminished from view but it doesn’t change much. You want to be beloved, understand, stand in your power, be heard and seen, contribute to those you love, to your community, be cherish and be cherished by others, and whatever your tastes of clothes, car, home, travel, etc.

The more you commune with these wonderful delights, knowing what it feels like to have them, knowing you can have them, that you are capable of doing whatever it takes to have these things and you will, sure as the sun will rise in the morning.

Your desire and comfort/zing for what is yours is the magnet that pulls them to you.

You like what you like for a reason.

This is your inner spiritual guidance system that cannot lie.

The yummy vibe you have when you hold those desires in your body cannot help but magnetize them to you.

But when their absence gets defined, that definition creates a barrier, a block to the very something you desire, which turns into explanation and rationalisation, and conclusions and psychology abound. Then it is a whole lattice of barriers and you become more comfortable with the wanting than with the having of what you desire, and instead you create Perfect Pictures.

Life is messy, constantly changing, unpredictable and, well, alive. It is the biggest, wildest, more amazing adventure beyond imagining.

But we have been fed the lies that say that predictability is safety (it is not) and that you can and should be able to do this thing or that and then – never have to do it again. Like a machine. Hint – machines are not alive, and just for the record, being alive, wild and infinite being in a body, aka – human, is very much superior to being a machine.

However, a Perfect Picture will never quiver, or waver, change or become alive. A Perfect Picture is never satisfied partly because the Perfect of the Perfect Picture is exactly not alive. It is stagnant, unchanging and perfectly stuck.   

We are sold the idea that Perfect Pictures like those in magazines, TV shows, movies, etc, are preferable to “just being yourself,” because then they can sell all manner of crap to us and we’ll be so full of self-doubt, or so lost about who we are, we’ll buy anything to feel better.

Perfect Pictures are in place not only to keep you separate from your real self, but they are there to protect you from the judgement lies about you that you believe even if you don’t believe you have them.

Perfect Pictures are supposed to be better than you because they are like others, they are in the cultural conversation as acceptable and desirable, they supposedly show you the way to be the thing you want to be.

There are Perfect Pictures for how you should look, what you should sound like, what car to drive, what hair products to use, what to eat, how to smell, what kind of business you should have, what kind of friends you should have, what kind of vacation you should take and more!  

There are the Perfect Pictures you mom and dad projected at you when you were little, plus your siblings, the schools and teachers, the TV ads, the boys/girls you crushed on in school, the church your grew up in and even the church your parents grew up in and swore to never set foot in again!

Everything in life, every step of the way, says that you being you is not enough, it’s bad, wrong or undesirable unless to buy/look/sound/think/feel this, that and this.

Perfect Pictures are always stuck over Pain Pictures. Pain Pictures are the ones that say you aren’t good enough, you don’t know enough, you can never be good enough or know enough, you have nothing to contribute and all the other mean things you are afraid are true about you. Even the ones you hide from yourself.

Whatever the original pain was, that pain is nothing compared to the resistance to being you that comes with Perfect Pictures, which can kill you.

And – underneath all those lies and misinformation, the most amazing, powerful, fantastic, wonderful YOU is waiting to burst into your life! 

YOU like what you like for a reason – to bring the zing into everything. Absolutely.

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