Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Are you ready to stop living someone else’s life? Are you ready to let the human adventure begin?

You can have more, do more.
You can feel better.
Faster than you think.

You can be a dynamic superpower of change and thriving — no spandex required! It’s just a matter of learning how to know what energies (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc.) are yours and what are not; how to connect with your infinite self, and how you magnetize the people, places and things that benefit your regular life – instead of just distract you or bring the icky – in every area of your life. 

Are you ready to choose something different?
Ready to learn that you can?
You have the power.

Change is not only possible, it is the only constant.

Your body requires change. You can be change, and the catalyst, that you truly are.

It’s just a matter of your having some new tools, making some new choices, so you can get out of your own way.

01. Living Large, Playing LIVE

Spiritual development to live your infinite, authentic life

Delia Yeager is a spiritual trainer and facilitator, who offers healing, tools, and training to help you direct your spiritual advancement, live as your authentic self, and feel better fast.

Delia is different from a psychic reader or medium. She will not tell future or give you messages from loved ones who have passed. But she can help you feel better. This unique experience involves confronting and releasing old thoughts, fears, beliefs — often your scariest — so that you may break patterns, become fully immersed in your own energy, connect your body’s wisdom with your mind/emotions, and facilitate a healthy balance.

It also involves fun! Healing can be fun; serious work doesn’t have to be solemn.

Each session is a unique healing, that builds on each other over time to help you deepen your own healing, awareness, and capacity for thriving. Some of things you can expect:

  • Learning to operate your human Self
  • Finding trapped energies and releasing them quickly
  • Benefitting from Delia’s decades of energy healing & reading experience
  • Finding that some things you thought were true are not actually true
  • Permitting you higher self to be in charge for once  — this is not thinking work
  • After, feeling that new things are possible
  • Learning practices for bringing this experience into your daily life
  • Learning to be an infinite Spirit in a fantastic body!

Individual Healing

A Healing Session is a time to release, let go, relinquish what no longer serves you. I will help you tap into the energy and give words to it, and then seemingly as if by magic, through a series of clearings at different levels, release all the energies that have been keeping you under the influence of the conclusions, assumptions, decisions and/or lies in your space that are no longer for your greater good.

The Healing is calibrated specifically to you and your energy in the moment of the session.

Group Workshops

Group sessions, whether in person or on calls, help to heal participants over issues we all share. Often arranged around a theme, the group brings their energies and shared experiences, and Delia facilitates the energy clearing for the group as she would during an individual session. If you join a group call from your own home, you’re bringing that healing energy into your space. These sessions are great for those who would like to experience what working with Delia feels like. A Group Healing call includes other people’s questions and perspectives, allowing you to benefit from the other folks on the call, their questions and their energy.


The Spiritual Living Practice Training is for those ready to commit more fully to living a healthy spiritual life as an infinite being in a fantastic body. The training provides practical techniques and practices for bringing thriving, authentic energy to your everyday life and pursuits. Whether you are new to having a daily spiritual practice or you have been meditating for years, many people have been able to heal their body, have more fun, grow their bank account, enjoy work, get a better fitting job, develop relationships and, most notably, BE a safe and fun place to be — inside their own skin.


02. Ready for Healing?

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03. Who Can Benefit?

Owning Your Power.

People who are ready to gain confidence and reconnect with your personal power. It can help you plan your path, connect with your unique life purpose, and stabilize your inner life. We do this by facilitating emotional healing and then giving you the tools to come into your own infinite self in an amazing body.

Business Development.

People who are ready to take it to the next level. Ready to act on your spiritual insights and training. Business Development includes those who don’t yet have a business, those that feel it’s time for a change, those who are committed to changing the world through their business, but don’t know how to apply spiritual values to day to day business practices and decision making.

Spiritual Activism.

People who care but are just getting started actually acting on it. You want to run for something, volunteer, go protest, lead a registration drive, etc. But do you know how it do it without losing yourself? Find your voice and learn to take care of yourself while doing so.

What does it mean to be a Spirit in Body?

Your body/mind needs a good working relationship with your infinite self, but you may instead experience some friction or a lack of trust. Once body gets to experience the benefits of you being infinite spirit in this amazing body, body gets on board. Learning the tools and techniques to repair this foundational relationship helps you find the support you need, inside you, whether it is 2 am or in a business meeting with a difficult client. Together we can answer the question: So what? How does this help your Tuesday?

Come Home to You.

You may have bought into the lie of body/mind/spirit separation. This work can help you see through that limiting paradigm. You want every part of you communicating. You have to learn how to listen to them all. Learn the languages they speak and the kinds of wisdom they bring. Let Spirit decide, not the Analyzer.

Surviving Trauma.

Healing yourself, heal the world. So many of us carry the burden of past suffering — whether it’s personal trauma, intergenerational trauma, genetic memory, etc. Delia’s intersectional healing practice has had much success healing her own trauma and that of clients dealing with issues surrounding rape, incest, abuse, racism, homophobia, sexism, antisemitism, financial abuse, neglect, deprivation, etc.


04. Who Am I?

I’m Delia Yeager: An Energy Healer, reader, teacher/trainer, and an adventurous Infinite Being in this fantastic body.

I assist people in learning the language of their own system – Infinite Being and amazing body, with all its rich information and wisdom, so you can get more fully into the game of creating your lives and, by extension, a better world.

I have been through a lot. More than some, less than others, but enough to teach me about the process of healing, clearing and getting free – free to go FOR (no longer against).

I am passionate about living past healing, beyond what’s imagined in “conventional wisdom,” in living as Infinite Being, in mutual support with the amazing body I continue to create as my soul’s mate for this lifetime.

I am passionate about facilitating other people in their own healing as they move toward the life of their dreams and beyond – waayyy past what is allowed.

I am passionate about recognizing that all we are is creativity in motion, all day every day, and when a body is not creating fun, joy and more possibilities, it will create problems to solve or illness to fight – something to do.

If you are not creating with Kali, you’re dumpster diving with Mayhem. And neither the Universe nor your Infinite Self judges you for it, but really, creating is so much MORE than destroying possibilities.

I’ve studied many modalities and energy practices over the years.

My test is: How does this improve the day to day moments of life? Does it contribute to peace or joy? Does it contribute to the bank account or beauty? Does it contribute to more dynamic and alive relationships, and thriving? If not, I either toss it or save it for wherever it does fit.

The systems and techniques that I use in Session are varied and honed, and specifically calibrated to the person or group I am working with and where they are at that time.

My personal passion and drive for freedom, creativity and thriving for all keeps me seeking and finding what works and how to BE more joy and thriving, within and without, and I am honored to help so many on their own life mission.

I am also a speaker, writer, painter, photographer who loves to travel and meet people.

I think developing the artist’s eye, listening to music, looking for magic in ordinary moments all contribute to experiencing your life as heaven on earth.

You are already so unique, so one-of-a-kind, so magnificent, and the world needs that – your quirky Self – now, more than ever!

I hope to meet you soon, and I am so glad you are here.

I work with people who want change the world , from the inside out, and thrive with more freedom in their body and their everyday life. Not just freedom from, but freedom to. To live, to grow, to thrive, and to birth a new consciousness in the pragmatic world.

06. Events

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    Delia is a seasoned guide. Her program is well thought through and subtly powerful. I noticed a distinct up in my vitality and happiness. Just with the basic tools of grounding and running energies I get unknotted, freed up, to feel more alive, positive, and safe. What could be better than that?

    ER, San Francisco, CA


    08. Pricing

    Private Session

    55 minutes
    Private Session
    $250 $200
    • Re-launch sale for a limited time
    • Private healing sessions with Delia
    • 2018 is the year of blowing past limits. Let's do it!

    Access Bars Session

    Access Bars Session
    $150 45-75 minutes
    • On Thursdays in person at Sacred Circle in Old Town Alexandria, VA
    • De-fragment your brain -- a mental & manifesting spa day!
    • Lying down, fully clothed, stockinged feet, you can just relax and receive
    • Call (703) 299-9309 to book your session with Delia at Sacred Circle Bookstore

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