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You don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

You don’t have to be perfect to be loved. You don’t have to be what your father/mother/lover/brother/sister/boss/best friend want or need you to be, to be loved. You can be emotional, you can get mad, you can be jealous sometimes, and sad, as well as happy and brilliant and loving, and be loved. You can get mad at someone, and still love them. Someone can get mad at you, and still love you. You can have unfinished business, a restlessness, a gnawing, and still be loved. You can have a problem, or even the same problem you’ve had for years,…
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Amusement Helps Healing Happen

Amusement is one of the most powerful vibrations there is. Amusement is an expansive, barriers down, kind and inclusive energy. With amusement, anything is possible. Amusement is not the same as laughing at someone, or the coping strategy to distance yourself from your feelings with the distraction of a happy face; distracting yourself as well as others. The face smiling mask to entertain and distract others and yourself from your pain, fear, panic is not the same thing as true amusement. You can feel the difference.   In healing, clearing, waking up to who You truly are, your greatness, there…
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Want to Blow the Ceiling on Your Ability to Have Fun?

Some of you have asked me about the use of the word Pleasure for this workshop. I have gotten emails about how with lusty, May, and pleasure it all conjures up what I call “sex pictures,” and that’s not altogether comfortable for some bodies. That is exactly why the energy has asked that I do this workshop – so you can clear off all the icky programming that makes your pleasure uncomfortable for you. This workshop is for all bodies, men as well as women, that has the programming that limits your rights and capacities to really enjoy your body….
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Core Spiritual Practice Training 2017

The Core Spiritual Practice Training A house cannot stand without a proper foundation. Getting the basics is the focus of this training that helps in stressful times, and more importantly, helps prevent stressful times. This Core Spiritual Practice is the foundation course for you if you are ready – to have 24/7 access to your higher self – to know what you know – to get your spiritual answers in real-time – and to feel better, physically, emotionally, mentally, than you have in ages And anyone who has a hit-and-miss experience with manifesting peace money, joy, freedom, love, cars, property…
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