Is Today One Day? or is is Day One?

April 21, 2019 Delia Yeager

Do you know that movie, “Fifty First Dates,” where every day is a new beginning because she can’t remember the day before?

Imagine not dragging around every disappointment, every caution, every worry, self-judgment, or bad interpretation of you, your life, what you’re doing and what’s possible.

Imagine waking up and not resisting anything?

Not resisting your job or your work. Not resisting your bank account or bills. Not resisting the commute, or the grocery store or friends, family or coworkers.

Imagine not resisting you – at all.

One woman said, “I’m so light it’s like I’ll floating! I’m a little afraid I’ll float away… but I also feel more… full, more present, more… Here. This is amazing!”

Experiencing how much energy, power, and potency you actually have, and at the same time being calmer is not accidental coupling.

A body will naturally feel a lot more anxious, apprehensive, nervous and stressed when it is not experiencing the real power and potency – the presence of the Being (spirit) that it was made for.

So often we believe that if we are more consciously aware of the present moment, it will be too intense and uncomfortable, but that’s only true if you are living in resistance to life, others and yourself.

When you allow your concept of you to be as big as you truly be – an infinite being is pretty dang big, and timeless! –  then your body can feel less stressed and alone because your interpretations of everything now include that you are an infinite being and not at the effect of it all.

If you have to carry out the storyline, as written by who knows who, of who you are and what you’re doing and where you’re going and what’s possible for you, then you will be tired, baffled, headachy, and anxious all the time.

Life is not like a box of chocolates and you never know what you will get.

Life is a sumptuous, ever present, lively, soft and blazing state of amazing co-creating.

But the stories we have, of ourselves, others, jobs, money, limits, and possibilities, are what can damn you, or liberate you – depending on how you participate with them, and belief, and repetition, are a form of participation.

Life, the Universe, and your Higher Self are always conspiring for your greatest good. They will get you fired when you won’t stand up and quit; they will rearrange physical reality in ways you cannot imagine to have you meet someone new who can open up new and exciting synergistic possibilities if you’ll just bother to go to that party.

If you let yourself have a fresh start every day you will find life is a lot more adventurous, and on your side (because you are being more adventurous and on your side.)

When you live as though everything is stacked against you, you will experience and find proof of that every day.

When you live as though everything is stacked in your favor you, you will experience and find proof of that every day.

Your choice.

Try this at home:
Repeat 10 times at least 3 times a day, morning, noon & night. Do the experiment.


Say the mantra, 3 x day for 21 days. See what changes.

Do the experiment.

Make it so.

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