New Year’s Day GIFT OF HEALING for YOU!

December 30, 2017 Delia Yeager

It IS The New Year!

I’m thrilled to gift you a group Healing Session today at 3:00 Eastern / 12:00 Pacific time. Click here to get the call in info and join us!

This year, as I have been in my savoring the spirit of the season, I am aware of so many deep changes, and so much that I am so grateful for that’s happened in 2017. 

Some of what I am most deeply grateful for is profoundly wonderful, but on the surface it looks like what’s usually called – bad

On a personal note, this year my asthma, allergies, and breathing got so bad, I had to ask my housemate to drive me to the ER in the middle of the night. I was in such bad condition, they admitted me and kept me there for 6 days. It had been so bad for so long that I was nothing but completely grateful for every aspect of my hospital stay. And because of that experience, I’m not only getting better, I have better health care than I’ve head in a long time.

I had a number of amazing epiphanies during my hospital stay.

One of the most astounding ones is how much programming I had, and how deeply rooted it was, that said I would rather die than receive.

What happened was one night when they trooped in to take my vital sign and do the things their job required, I was asking them how they were doing, what their night was like, and engaging in chirpy conversation keeping the focus on their emotions, making them feel not so bad for waking me up – and I could not stop myself.

And it hit me – all that “giving” to make them feel better – a deep survival tactic instilled in childhood trauma, to be solicitous of them so they would be nice to me.

And the other awareness that came – all that “giving,” – it kept pushing away anything and everything they (or anyone else) might try to gift me; kindness, attention, care – I could energetically feel myself pushing all that away!

No wonder I had felt bereft in the past – I was unwittingly pushing away all the plenty, abundance, possibilities, love, money and everything else all those years prior.

I’ve been talking and teaching about receiving for years, but it was never all so clear and resonated so deep as before this hospital stay.

I’ve gotten very clear on how receiving is one of the biggest gifts of giving. The giver, when giving freely and not out of survival, receives more than anyone.

And when you give out of fullness, and not survival, everyone can feel that and thrive.

Something else I have been thinking about this holiday season is you.

I cannot tell you how much I get out of working with you.

Some of you I work with very up close and personal, and you always delight, surpise and inspire me.

Your creativity, your adorable You-ness, your courage, perseverance and unadulturted true-ness is breathtaking, and I am so honored to go deep with you.

You are what’s saving humanity now, and more so in 2018 and beyond. Not because you are being “good,” or doing what others want you to, but because you are BEING You, and doing what you love to be and do and contribute that way.

You inspire me daily, so dreamed up this gifting to you – for New Year’s Day.


Let’s celebrate you ~ 1/1/18


To CELEBRATE you and this magical, potent time, and to start the New Year off right, join me for a free Zoom call on

MONDAY, New Years DAY at

3:00 pm Eastern time / 12:00 noon Pacific.

Email me at to let me know what your vision/passion/choice of focus is = thriving in your business, your partnerships, your friendships, your relationship with yourself or whatever is on your mind, or just send me a telepathic message.


I will do what I love to do and  read the energy of the call, and all of you who will be on the call with me live as well as those who will join later!

We’ll harmonize your focus and concerns as well as the Galactic Core’s and see what potent, transformational magic we can create and birth into the new year. 

The more you are IN your body, and IN your Power, the more of a force to be reckoned with you BE.

This is a gift from me to you, as I am truly SO glad you are here.

There is no charge for this call. Just share it with your friends – the more who attend the merrier!

To receive your gift, simply email me at

and tell me who is attending and I will reply with the contact information!


From reading the energy of the day already I can tell you that on this call we will be clearing blocks

  • to your ability to SEE WHAT IS instead of what’s being projected
  • your ability to hear what’s going on, not just the invalidation
  • have more of your power, more comfortably
  • made choices from your power, not a survival strategy
  • have more potency in your life, and also more F U N ! ! !

Being an infinite being is a body is a WHOLE LOT OF FUN! And that AMUSEMENT is what cuts through so much of the tricky of being human. 


This call is a stand-alone, outright gift. Great potent healing, no sales talk for anything else – just a full-on clearing/healing session with plenty for you to benefit from on the call, and to take with you into your daily life. This session is a $97 value and it is free to you now.

If you are feeling the call of the wild, the lively, the Freedom of thriving – join us this Monday.

Steps:      CLICK HERE

  1. email me at to claim your gift
  2. include any questions or special interest areas you may have
  3. open the email with the Zoom instructions when you get it on Monday
  4. Join us on the Zoom by phone or your computer
  5. Participate fully and have a blast!

What to expect:

Some introduction from me & Welcoming, then a guided energy practice/meditation, and follow along with the clearings and healings! Wahoo You!


I can’t wait to come together with you on Monday – January 1,    2 0 1 8