Money Clearings Workshop – for YOU!

April 20, 2017 Delia Yeager

Money Clearings – Friday, April 28th

1:00 Pacific / 4:00 Eastern time

From the comfort of your own phone, in the quiet, “Do Not Disturb” place of your choice.

Are you someone that:

  • Doesn’t really like money, but loves what it can do for you
  • Learned that “money is the root of all evil,”
  • Knows some rich people (personally or through media) that you’d never want to be like
  • Wonders why the money hasn’t come or won’t come or doesn’t come to you
  • Has a feast and famine relationship with money
  • Gets windburn from how fast the money goes out
  • Needs money but can’t see how it can come to you, other than if someone else dains to give it to you
  • Has lived month to month so long, nothing else seems remotely possible

Then this workshop is for you.

We will be meeting on the teleconference call, takes some notes, do some clearings and get more spaciousness and expansion around money, how it can come to you, how you can think about it and how you can explore new ways of relating to money.

Money is simply an energy but it has been loaded up with so many meanings, misinformation, bastardizations, lies and other gunk that it’s hard to find and experience the clear, clean energy of money.

On this call, there’s no back and forth conversation, but you are encouraged to email me before hand with your concerns or sticking points about money. I don’t really need examples of sticking points for you with money, but overall concerns, resentments, and anything else you have about money.

Maybe you believe money won’t come to you until you are really good, ergo of you don’t have a lot of money, you aren’t really good. (lie)

Or maybe you believe that if you do a good job, your boss will notice and offer you a substantial raise, commensurate with how good you are. (possible, but more fantasy than lie)

Or maybe you believe that “if the system was fair,” you would be given more money, win a lottery, get a bonus or raise, etc. (lie)

Here’s a secret – it is never about the money.

It is never. about. the money.

It is always, always, always about your ability, capacity and willingness to R E C E I V E.

Receive, accept, embrace, embody, employ, take in, appreciate, own, expect, assume – how thoroughly you occupy these with money (and everything else) is how much you can have anything.

Email me your “Yeah, but what about ….” or your “Yeah, But”s, as I call them.

These judgments keep money from coming to you.

On this call we will start clearing out the debris, misinformation, yea buts, loyalties, conclusions, decisions, instructions and everything else I haven’t mentioned so you can have an easier, more inviting, hospitable relationship with desires, having those desires met, fully;  being satisfied and sated; and living from fullness and lusciousness of being an infinite being in this amazing body.

You get an mp3 in addition to the live call that you can download and listen to as much as you want.