Merry Everything!

December 23, 2016 Delia Yeager

Your presence is the real gift.

May the ancient celebrations of light and life fill your days and nights in this synergistic Festive Season.

As you wake up to your holiday day this year, I hope you can sense/feel the deep connection to your infinite aspects of your Self.  As wacky as these times are, you were born for these times, and you are being called to love yourSelf and all that you car about with a fierceness that does not back down. Being On Your Side is the daily practice of being what’s needed to heal the world. 

Love up on You this holiday season, with the gifts of self love and validation.

Remember – You Rock and Thank You for being here. We are so blessed by your presence!

         This season, bask in the glow of your Infinite Self. Permission granted.
xo – the Universe


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