January 30, 2015 Delia Yeager

THIS IS FOR YOU – the Infinite Being, the wildly imaginative, fecund, outrageously abundantly capable Creator of wondrous things-ideas-inventions-possibilities –

An invitation to come IN and INHabit more of body’s thoughts, emotions, bank accounts, relationships –  every nook and cranny of your body’s amazing and wondrous Life.

Imagine living every day with full access to the Secrets of the Universe – the ones that work For YOU…

Not all of them in the same moment, but the ones that you need, as you need them…

Imagine being able to change-improve your energy and the energy of every conversation, room and occasion, in a single moment…

Imagine being able to absolutely trust your senses, your intuition, your inner Knowingness, and to own all that for your greater good? Effortlessly, and no matter what anyone else thinks or says…

These are just some of the possibilities awaiting you when you fully Stand BY You – Spirit IN Body.

The Spiritual Living Program is for You who are ready and eager to learn the easy-to-use tools that help you build your conscious awareness so that you can live in this dynamic flow of your Infinite Self with and in this amazing body You (Spirit) created to be Your MFEO partner and native guide to the physical world  for this lifetime.

Spirit and Body have very different perspectives, but the more you comprehend the two and their differences, the easier it is for everyone to operate together!

I have 2 openings for Teleconference calls starting in February.

4 sessions to focus on your most Up for you Next Step, whether it is:

– being more at ease and excited to be in your skin
– expressing yourself easily and freely in your everyday life
– owning your space for your greater good

This Private Coaching series of 4 sessions starts next week

Wednesday, February 4, 11, 19, 25 at 11AM or at 4PM Pacific time

E-mail me to find out more or register
so we can discuss if this is a good fit for you at this time. 

The more you ARE your radiant, Infinite Self in your life and in the world, the better off everyone in your life and the world is. How? By BEing The Change.

BE your full Self in the world and that will change everything.

In JoY!