Manifesting and Magnetizing

May 7, 2018 Delia Yeager

Do you want to manifest what you dreams and desires, but you have seemingly the opposite experience? I get this question quite often. See if this shines a light for you.

Q:   Why is it that when I ask for something – more money or love or anything – what I get is a lot of icky stuff I don’t want! What’s up with that?

A:   Great question! So, what happens when you ask for more of something, you are, for one thing, heightening your awareness on that whole topic.

Let’s say you’ve asked for more patience. The Universe say, “Yes.”

The U has no points of view or judgments or even “requirements” about you or patience or more.

And, The Universe can only ever say “Yes” to us. There is no “no.”

Like Yoda’s, “Do or don’t do. There is no try.”

The Universe is incapable of saying No to anything. It’s not saying No to your more patience – it is saying Yes to all your “reasons” why you cannot have more patience.

It looks like this –  You say you want more patience, and the Universe shows you what you are holding in the way of more patience.

You say you can’t have more patience because how this are is not how they are supposed to be and the Universe says Yes.

You say you can’t have more patience because you have to fix/change how things are first, and the Universe says Yes.

Then you say that you can’t have more patience because then you’re a slacker, and irresponsible, and the Universe says Yes.

And you can’t have more patience because then you would just stop trying, and everything would fall apart in no time, and the Universe says Yes, and it’s all your fault, your neglect, and the Universe says Yes.

Not because it morally agrees with you, but because all the Universe can say to us is – Yes. By the way, see how many “reasons” you have as to why you cannot have more patience? Yes.

Whenever you ask for something, you’re turning up your attention to that area, like a spot light on a stage.

The next thing that happens is you will be shown, and experience, all the stuff – beliefs, opinions, principals, conclusions, etc. – you are holding in the space that you’ve said you want this more to come into.

Let’s say asked for more patience. Then everything – idea, belief, memory, conclusion, etc. you hold more valuable than peace is going to show up.

You expect the spotlight to show you an empty space for the more to fill in, but instead it shows you all that you have stored in that space already.

Most of the time people conclude that this means the U is saying, no, you can’t have more peace because of these things; ask for something else. But that’s now how the U works.

When you ask for more patience, everything that you hold more tightly than patience is what is going to show up, and most all of that is going to be some form of lack-lie, i.e., competition; the lie that something is better than something else.

What annoys you, what irks you, what makes you frustrated, what gets your goat and makes you want to blow your top are all going to reveal themselves to you, not to punish you, but so that you can hear/learn/clear them, to create the space for that patience you said you wanted.


Another way to see this – getting seniority over the things that hook you, wind you up and make you act out and be all crazy is what I call healing.

This getting seniority over emotions, the conclusions of your story, and everything else is also the process of, “up and out for healing,” which is how healing works in us. Up, and out. Up, and out.

Up, and out, through conscious awareness, to release the lies & misinformation that make the pain and stuck pictures that hurt and make us crazy.

When you have seniority over your emotions and story, you have actual free-to-chose-what-you-want free will, aka Choice, one of the top 3 super powers.


Ask for what you want.

Allow yourself to feel the sensations of having that which you’ve asked for. Really drink it in and savor the having of it.

Say. “Thank you, I’ll have that!”

Notice what comes up, what you’ve held in the way. Use the superpower of Choice of which one you want more; the old ideas or the new thing you’ve asked for?

Whichever you spend the most time thinking about is the one you value the most.

Don’t judge; choose, be grateful, and have that, without holding back.


What you vibe at is what comes to you.




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