Live in the Lusciousness of You

February 14, 2018 Delia Yeager

I love celebrating. I love holidays, and the pack of 100 Valentines for $1 when I was a kid, and planning who to give them to (everyone!) and who would get which one. Often that part was more fun than the precariousness of what happened with the actual people in real time.

But for years, Valentine’s Day was problematic because, as all the movies and TV’s now elaborate on, Valentine’s Day is not as much about love as it is about having love, or seen as being loved, being valued. And if someone else does not do that job for you, in obvious to others ways, then the conclusion is that you are not loved, and you are not valued. And we all seem to just believe that, hook, line and sinker.

That may be an unintended consequence, but it is still misleading and damaging.

What if you could have the experience of being beloved, lusciously loved, valued, held as special and fabulous, with all your adorable quirks and goofiness’s that do don’t distract from your fantasticnesses, but are indeed, beloved expressions of your uniqueness?

What if when you do that thing you swore to yourself you’d never do again, instead of getting washed away in the shame cascade and abandon yourself in a tsunami of self judgement, blame and criticism, what if instead, you rushed to your own aid, to laugh in amusement at how you’ve fallen for the judgement-lie training that is so prevalent in our culture, but you refuse to abandon yourself to the wolves of self-loathing, and instead are going to hold your hand and stand by you as you chose a different way to exist – loving your adorable, powerful Self?

IF you could have that, would you take it?

If you could live in the lusciousness of you, would you do it?

If you could know that you solidly have your back, and will never abandon you again, would you?

This Valentine’s, make a present to yourself in the form of a promise to stand by you, no matter what.

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