September 16, 2015 Delia Yeager

Letting Go of the Side of the Pool, when you know you are in the deep end, feels … terrifying!

One of the themes that I have been seeing with clients lately is the urge, the need, the fear, and the thrill of letting go of the side of the pool in the deep end.

There is such a lot of energy and pressure in the air to change, to grow, to burst forth even.

That’s why I’m thrilled to have openings in my schedule coming up, so you can start your Spiritual Living Training Program soon. 

Some of you are hot and bothered and ready to shift no matter what.

Some of you are wondering what is wrong with you, afraid you might be feeling like this for the rest of your life, or falling apart, or some form of losing it.

Some of you are finding it thrilling to no longer be able to “make nice” or suppress and disrespect yourself.

The truth is growing is fun and exhilarating as well as violent and forceful.

Think of the acorn. A small seed that sits in the dark, underground until some life force inside cracks it open and the tendrils break out, into the dark and the dirt.

Maybe you can imagine yourself as the tendril, totally relaxed in the process, easily allowing the force, your Spirit-Self, to be in charge, to enjoy the ride as the force pushes the tendrils through the cracks in the dirt, until the tendrils shoot up into the day light and fresh air of above ground.

Can you feel that? Relaxing into the process? Allowing the force of life to be in charge? Can you let your body feel the ease of that?

Astrology, numerology, energy healers – we all have language for what’s going on these days but regardless of which language you follow, or any explanation, without any story, you already know the truth of the fact that now is the time for change, like it or not, and it is all so much easier when you stop resisting!

You know that you (body-personality) are not in control of you, or the changes, or any aspect of your life.

You wish you could still buy the simple story, but that the time as passed for that.

You know you have to have your analyzer let go of the side of the pool, but also that you are in the deep end.

If you let go of the side of the pool, you’ve got to trust that Spirit part of you, that bigger part of you… the part your analyzer has been acting instead of for so long.

And at the same time you KNOW that You, the Spirit, truly IS in charge of creating every aspect of your life, and you can see that, now more than ever, but to let go the side of the pool, and really live that way… omg.

Poor analyzer! These days are so very brain-breaky!

You can no longer pretend you are a child, second to anyone or everyone.

You can no longer pretend that you’re the little biddy ol’ child/human and there’s some big, spiritual part “out there” on whose mercy you must rely.

It may be breaking your analyzer, but you KNOW You Are Spirit, and you have this amazing body to live and express that infinite part through.

You can no longer pretend that you “should be able to do this by yourself.”

For instance, no one becomes a world-class thinker or athlete or musician without a training practice, and a trainer.

We, as spirits, came up with the most ingenious plan for this living business.

On the one hand, you are the only one who can set you free or heal you or make you happy, and simultaneously, you need assistance, guidance, witnessing. That is by divine design.

We are meant to be part of a line. 

The inter-connectedness of all life.

I have my spiritual coaches and counselors as an integral part of my business. It is one of my points of integrity in my work.

To be in the position of receiving and following, of trusting the process and letting someone else recieive and witness me, same as I ask of you, is an important aspect of the integrity of the work, in my book.

We are designed to be part of the family of man, part of a line.

The techniques and practices support the shadow in releasing its hold, and empowers you to migrate your identity from pain, past, thoughts, body, emotions, thoughts to your Infinite Self.

The more you live from your Source Self and support your human self that way, the more your life becomes Heaven on Earth.

I know that because not only has that been my experience, but you have told me that has been your experience as well.

I have limited openings for 3 or 6 month (12 or 24 sessions) programs beginning the first week of October.

If you are ready to get in the saddle of seriously supporting yourself, getting yourself the support you’ve never had or even dreamed of maybe, in living in alignment with your real values, in support of your greater good and expressing your divine self in every aspect of your life, for more freedom, grace and abundance in real time, just email me and let’s set up a time to talk.

Go ahead. BE the gift that you are. We need you to be you. Now.


Breathe like you have all the time and oxygen in the world.

Thank you for being you! I am so grateful you are here!

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