I’m Spiritual! I don’t care about money!

May 25, 2017 Delia Yeager

Does even the image of money seem rude or crass?

What do we hear all the time about money?      


Money is the root of all evil.

Materialism and consumerism is what’s wrong with the world.
Money is what breaks up relationships, and marriages.
Greed is bad and selflessness is good.
It is better to give, than to receive.

“I just need enough money to pay my bills.”
“I just need enough to get by.”
“I don’t want more than I need.”
“I’m not greedy. I’m a good person.”

The strings of judgment, limits, shame, contortion, distortion that you have where money is concerned, are enough to choke a horse. But being endlessly adaptive, you just find ways to pretend you aren’t constricted, and/or that you don’t mind being constricted.

What if you could navigate your life without these constraints?
What if you could breath free and easy instead, no matter what?
What if you could have an honest, easy relationship with money?
What if you could experience money as being on your side? A friend and collaborator?

What if money is just an energy, and expression of the Universe, that would just as soon support your as anything else?

What if money needs you to send it out into the world, to places only you know to spend it? Sending it to the people, places and things that only you would send it to?

Do you really imagine that the Universe doesn’t want you to flourish and thrive as robustly as possible?

What if money wants to be on your side, but you’ve been pushing it away?

This weekend, let’s start clearing the gunk off money, and clear the path for you and it to have an easier, more joyful, thriving relationship.
Your system is integrous by nature; it cannot lie and it will not tolerate incongruence. If you or your ancestors believed money is bad or that it’s not safe for you to have it, you won’t have money. It is that simple.
Clearing out these old beliefs makes a world of difference.

Clear. Consistent. Congruent. Makes manifesting easy.

Why sign up now and not later? Because it is the action step that declares and demonstrates your commitment to your changing your relationship with money, and that starts the healing.

Have more fun with money than you never even imagined was possible.


Because going deep and being You IS the only game in town.

Sign up for a Healing, or the Spiritual Living Program, and start experiencing your greatness, in the bubble of the high-healing amusement, today.