April 1, 2015 Delia Yeager

In the Daily Practice from the Core Spiritual Practice Training there are a number of “I Am” statements that you use every day.

Each one gives you an orientation and chosen way of relating to certain aspects of life.

As I say all the time, You Are Spirit and You HAVE A Great Body.

I also say that as Spirit in the world, there is no such thing as luck, but that bodies really like the idea, so we end with, “I Am The LUCKIEST Person on the Planet!”

Pretty often I get asked, “So then why would we say that? IF there is no such thing as luck? Why would we lie to the body that way?”

I love this question, and the energy behind it.

I used to have my own version of this.

Years ago I was so devoted to The Truth and being True that I abhorred every kind of lying.

I believed fervently that The Truth was serious and needed respect, and to be taken seriously.

That The Truth was hard and strong and shouldn’t be toyed with.

In that vein I had sworn to uphold and live by The Truth, even if it hurt me.

So when it came to telling The Truth about myself, it had to always lead with what my faults were, shortcomings, vulnerabilities, weaknesses.

That’s what Telling The Truth meant to me for decades.

Then, one day, in a meditation, my Teacher-self Guide gently pointed out some things.

Sitting by a crystal fountain with my Teacher of brilliant, clear light, looking vaguely like Gandalf or a Guardian Angel, my Teacher asked if there was ever any mention of any of my strengths, abilities, capacities or gifts on that list of The Truth.  No, I said.

Was there ever any validation for any of my healings or paintings or poems that I had written? Were they included in this list of The Truth about me?  Uh, no.

Was there any mention of all the times the Universe/Spirit had sent messages to me in my body through the breezes, the sunsets, the wind rustling through the oaks and pines in all the areas that I roamed and played in all my growing up years?  Do these constant communications not warrant to be on this list of The Truth that I had taken a vow to uphold? Gosh, no.

So – the only Truth you will uphold and be loyal to is the Truth as told by your pain? The Teacher asked.


The Teacher said, “I have heard you repeat over and over, like a mantra, how effed up or lost or wrong you are; how dumb or wounded or not good enough you are; you repeat these more often than Stairway to Heaven has been played on the radio, in bedrooms, living rooms and cars in the past 20 years.

You repeat these things with fervor, and a righteousness, a passionate belief, and yet ignoring your mantra at the same time.

You have built your identity around being effed up, as though that IS the Truth, and the whole truth at that.

For that to be The Truth, I and all the goodness you have known and say you believe in has to be a lie.

So what it The Truth for you, Delia – Are you fundamentally effed up at your core, or are you essentially Divine in nature?

Think of your best friend  and answer for her first; is Dru fundamentally broken and beyond repair, or is she essentially Divine?

The Truth that you believe in must be the same for both. It can’t be that others are divine but you are worthless. You must reconcile for yourself.

One day you may find that you honestly can write down 10 True things about you, and all of them are assets. “

This message came to me on my birthday that year like a homework assignment:

“BE as comfortable with your Angels/strengths as you have always been with your Demons/weaknesses.

Remember there is never a weakness that hasn’t saved your life, and never a strength that hasn’t been a weakness. Go!”


Part of what I learned from all that was that I had been so comfortable with lying to myself about my perceived weaknesses, that maybe I could do with a period of counter-training.

My body got such a kick out being told I was the luckiest person on the planet – like a Disney princess being shy on the red carpet – Me? Really? Do you mean that? Is it true?

It was the perfect , outrageous antidote for the part of me that had been most flogged, forgotten, judged, and abused for so long.

And it has been the perfect Healing for many, many, many judged and abused parts of many, many, many more people.

Try this at home:

First thing when you wake up and last thing when you go to bed think this sentence 3 times, and really step into the Truth of it – feel the vibration of this in your body:

I AM The Luckiest Person On The Planet!!!!!

Do this for 21 days. Jot a word or 2 at the end of each day about how your mood and the days events. Note what happens when you allow yourself to BE The Luckiest Person On the Planet*.

*Remember, this position is open to any and every one. Not your job to know how you (and 7 million other souls with bodies) CAN BE The Luckiest Person On the planet at once, and with all that’s going on, and yet it is so.

© Delia Yeager, April 2015, All Rights Reserved.

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