How Committed to You Are You?

April 25, 2019 Delia Yeager

I ask because tonight I heard a commercial for a college program designed for adults, and the man said that going to college as an adult was way more satisfying, because he knew he was choosing to invest in himself, his life and future.

I had a big turning point in my life when I started looking for ways to develop my psychic and energy healer abilities back in the 1980s. I knew I needed new information, guidance, and practice, so I started looking for and taking actual training in developing my skills and capacities. I was investing my time in what I was really interested in, but I was doing it on the sly as if it was an entertainment, or maybe a casual hobby.

I tried the easiest-to-find meditation practices like Transcendental Meditation but none of the no-thinking or Zen stuff worked for me. I kept looking.

I found methodologies and techniques that not only helped other people when I did readings and healings for them, but I was making major headway in my own healing, along the way.

I bought in at yet a deeper level again when I attended a psychic institute that taught and trained students in ancient psychic and healing techniques, as well as new techniques befitting the energies of the times.

Then I was all in, as a student, attending a two-year psychic seminary training, that included 200 readings of clients to the institute on top of the daily trades of looks and healings with my friends in the program, then working at the institute. In that 5-year period, I logged about 5,000 readings and healings.

After that, I wanted to take some time to digest the previous five years experiences and see for myself where I stood with being a professional psychic and energy healer, so I took a job in my old profession when an opportunity arose.

In time, I became aware that I was ready to fully commit to being me, all me, in all my strange, energy reading, psychic, healing, seeing pictures glory.

It turns out that being yourself, being you in your life, fits the dating analogy.

You may spend some part of your life playing the field – seeing who you might want to be, might want to hang out with, who you might want to be like and at some point it’s time to start thinking about settling down and going steady. This could be committing to a major in college, or an autodidact polymaths’ fields of interests, starting a writing practice or taking up practicing an art form – going steady with your own identity and how/who you are in life.

After going steady, there are more levels of deepening a relationship. In the usual dating analogy, it’s swapping keys, traveling together, spending the holidays at one or the other’s family’s house, and so on. They look different in your relationship with yourself, but you get more you and less lost, less “trying so hard,” with every step.

Then there is the “to have and to hold,” level of commitment, where you really do marry you.

And, as with any long-term relationship, there are yet more thresholds where you get to choose to stand by you, in ways you never even knew were possible before.

When I chose to enter the psychic seminary, I was choosing to be me more deeply than I had ever before.

When I chose to take time off, to look around and see what looked good to me after all the healing I’d been through, I was choosing me more deeply than ever before.

When I chose to hang out my shingle and go solo as an Intuitive Psychic Reader and Healer at East West, I was choosing to be more me than I had ever allowed for before.

When things happened in my growing business, and there were decisions to be made where I could play it safe as be what was expected of me, or I could risk more, be me more, I chose me.

I have found that the opportunities to step into being you more and more, never end. Whew! What a relief and what a gift.

I often say how there is nothing luckier than being an infinite being with this amazing body, and that bodies really do love the notion of luck so – how did I get so lucky as to be me all day long?

And how did I get so lucky as to do things I love doing, and working with the most amazing people, ready to live their best self, their best life.

What I do know is that every step of the way, every day, I get to choose to be radically, aggressively present with myself and navigate by what is light (water) or heavy (paint thinner) instead of the old-timey competition/judgmentalism that got the world in all these messes in the first place.

I know for a fact, with a mountain of years’ worth of evidence, that the truest thing, the silver bullet, the Magic Key is to choose to be who you truly be. Ask the Universe for help in finding out what that means, and how to live that way, and be ready to make a lot of mistakes, but even more breakthroughs and hand on, sweetie, for the ride of your life.


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