What if you could simply let go of a ton of weight that holds you back, down and “in your place?”

What if the process didn’t make sense yet worked so great and so fast, you could feel it immediately?

If you could have more clarity, confidence and feel-good energy all the time, would you take it?

Let’s do this.

The more you release energies that are not yours, the clearer, lighter and brighter you feel. Your head clears, your energy feels great, your body smiles as if on its own, and you’ll walk away with the MP3 to relisten to for more healings every time you listen to it again.

Listen with the volume up enough to hear it and re-do the session, or with the volume down low, with it on in the background, to get a homeopathic healing.

A single 30 min session $125
A Package of 3 – $375

A single 55 min session $200
A Package of 3 – $600

2017 Holiday Clearing


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