December 3, 2014 Delia Yeager

Most Highly Sensitive People or Empaths tend to have lives where there is a lot of alone-time built in. Whether through minimizing the quantity of people in your life, or limiting the amount of time you are available for friends and family, one way or another Empaths will find ways to protect themselves from the uncomfortable and unwanted energies of others.

This can look like not having a lot of people in your life. Empaths may prefer to have too few people in their lives after spending the first 20 years with way too many people around them. So many adult Empaths that I know have the additional cultural programming and worry that they “isolate too much,” and keep people away.

This kind of black and white answer makes sense when you do not know how to identify, run and own your own energies. When you know how to identify and run your own energies, you will stop taking on energies that do not belong to you, even those that you do not know where they originated.

As a caring, loving-natured person, many Empaths are steeped in the thick of their family life.

The Empath is often the chief cook and bottle washer Mom/Aunt/Daughter/Son/Brother/Father who is always stretched thin, trying to meet everyone else’s needs. And this person usually has the lie, often unspoken, that this caring for everyone else is not only their job but somehow their spiritual purpose!

This is a lie because when you recognize that every one, every being, every thing from rock to dirt to plant to pet to sibling to Other person IS A Divine, Spiritual BEing, you realize the absurdity of their needing you to be their maid, bottle washer, assistant.

The times we help each other the most is not when we feel sorry for someone (just think back to the last time someone felt sorry for you to realize what a debilitating, invalidating experience that is) but when we, as equals, recognize the courage and honor of the other person and help them help themselves.

Most of the time we don’t exactly need help from each other; we need each other to BE who they truly BE. A Bright Spark, a force of nature, a Divine, Infinite Being clothed in this fabulous body that walks and talks them into the world, into physical reality. The Powerhouse dressed in emotions, strengths and vulnerabilities – that’s who we need each other to be, and that is who we need us to be.

The more you occupy you – fill up all of your space (aura around and the physical body in the center) with your own energy, pull your aura in to comfortable around only you – occupy and own your own space and everything gets less annoying, more peaceful and… truer.

Try the Spiritual Living Program, and learn to:

Identify sense/feel the vibration of your own truth, your own information, be in charge of your own instantaneous healing!

Let go and rinse out any emotions, thoughts or energies that are not your and that do not serve your greater good!

Consciously and consistently communicate with the God of your Heart, access your Inner Knowing and get your own answers for every area of your life.

If you are feeling the pinch and are ready to BE unstoppable, to BE who you came to Be, and to fully Occupy You – spirit IN body – this course is for you.

BE ON Your Side.

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