Everything is energy. Energy never dies, it just changes form.

You have your biological ancestry – your mother, father, grandparents, great grandparents – but also your spiritual ancestry: the time you were the ruler, the time you were the lowliest of the lows, and all the times in between. Sometimes in a male body, sometimes in a female body.

And then there all the times in this body, in this lifetime, when you were hurt, traumatized, rejected, invalidated, neglected, abused or otherwise, and all the conclusions, assumptions and decisions you then made about you, other people, life and everything. And while all of that was true emotionally, it may not be a conclusion, assumption, decision or belief that actually serves you today.

A Healing Session is a time to release, let go, relinquish what no longer serves you – stuff that you know about as well as stuff that you don’t know about.

In a Healing Session, I will help you tap into the energy and give words to it, and then seemingly as if by magic, through a series of clearings at different levels, release all the energies that have been keeping you under the influence of the conclusions, assumptions, decisions and/or lies in your space that are no longer for your greater good.

You may be used to the conditioning that you are a small, limited, or insignificant being and that others have more power, right and might than you do. This is a lie, that you can release and as you do, it will stop feeling true.

There are energies, people, institutions, and organizations that would much rather you believe that you are the powerless kitty cat that the power house lion you truly be.

You know you’re more than what the world tells you, but not now to connect with and access all that more, on demand, when you need it most. 

The Healing is calibrated specifically to you and your energy in the moment of the session. 

I work with your Healing Team as well as mine, and together we can release energies that have been tripping you up, or stopping you, for a long time; energies that are coming up now for healing. Up and out is the healing path.

Resolving spiritual contracts, bonds, promises, oaths – binding energies that were brilliant when you first made them but now feel like choke-chains and like they are causing bad things to happen to you – it’s time to clear up that old stuff so that you are free, in the present, to do what is more freeing and potent for you to do in this lifetime, to be true to your greater You, and do what you came here, now, to do.


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