Delia Yeager


A Healing Session is a time to release, let go, relinquish what no longer serves you; stuff that you know about as well as stuff that you don’t know about.

The world will tell you that you are “just” this or that;  “just a woman,” or “just one person,” but for all the “not enough” programming that’s swamping the world these days the truth is that You are and Infinite Being, with a fantastic human body.

There are powers that be that don’t want you to know how BIG and POWERFUL you truly are. 

They’d much rather you believe that you are the powerless kitty, and not the lion you truly be.

But you know you’re more than what the world tells you, but not now to connect with and access all that more, on demand, when you need it most. 

The Healing is calibrated specifically to you and your energy in the moment of the session. 

I work with your Healing Team as well a mine, and together you can release energies that have been tripping you up, or stopping you, for a long time; energies that are coming up now for healing. Up and out is the healing path.


Resolving spiritual contracts, bonds, promises, oaths – binding energies that were brilliant when you first made them but now feel like choke-chains and like they are causing bad things to happen to you – it’s time to clear up that old stuff so that you are free, in the present, to do what is more freeing and potent for you to do in this lifetime, to be true to your greater You, and do what you came here, now, to do.

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