Healing Time in Your Life

April 7, 2017 Delia Yeager

What’s been coming up for so many of you lately is everything all about TIME.

All aspects of time – the limits, the lack, the not-enough-ness of it all.

So – tomorrow, Saturday April 8, at 3:00 pm Pacific and 6:00 pm Eastern time, we are going to do some potent Time Healing/Clearings work to free you up.

What if you could experience Time as being On Your Side?
Not just a thought, or a notion or a concept, but a palpable fact?
What if you could experience Time being On Your Side the way you’ve experienced angels or helpers or the Universe as being on your side?
What if you can know that the bendable nature of time can live in chronic, relentless support of you?

You know how fast time flies when you’re totally engaged and engrossed in something, just as you know how some days the hands on the clock do. not. move. when you are held back, held in place, in resistance and uncomfortable.

Two minutes standing in front of strangers at the Karaoke  bar can go by in the blink of an eye, or it can drag on for an eternity!

What if you can know that that magical suspension can work for you, all the time?
Would you take it?
Are you willing to see how you can start having this kind of relationship with and experience of Time?

Whether you are under the gun, or killing time, or have no time, or rushing to find or create more time, or spending tons of money to save time, or refusing to spend money to save your time…. whatever your relationship to Time is, join this Healing Workshop and get some clarity, ease and expansiveness about all aspects of Time in your Life.

This workshop is the usual format:

You get the call in information after you’ve registered and we’ve gotten the confirmation from PayPal

We meet on the teleconference call at the appointed time – tomorrow at 3:00 pm Pacific and 6:00 pm Eastern
Everyone mutes their own phone for the call
We begin promptly on time – no ads or filler at the beginning
You’ll be guided how to use your energy to participate as we go
You do the energy work, I guide the call. Send any questions before or after the call by email.

I’ll read the group (those on the call in present time as well as those that will join in the replay) and we will clear the top more oppressive lies and energies around Time, that keep you and other’s stuck
These calls last from 30 – 50 minutes, depending on the energy on the call
mp3s will get emailed out within 24 hours of the end of the session

If you cannot be on the call live, the audio will be available within 24 hours of the end of the workshop.

The healing vibration energy on the call is embedded and valuable to any listener, whether on the original call or not.

These audios can be listened to again and again, either quietly while you’re doing other things and not consciously listening along, or in times when you sit and bring all your consciousness to the call and exercises. It all helps your body release limits and anything that is no longer for your greater good.

If this is your Time to get in Time with how Time is on your side; how Time supports you; how you know it is Time or how you know it isn’t Time….

If you are ready to be clear knowing, not second guessing or mimicking time management, not from instructions that carry logic you don’t have, but from knowing what this moment is for you and what that moment is for you….  Ready to know how to best spend your time, and when is wasting time the best potent use of your time vs when is spending your time on this or that is actually a socially sanctioned way to waste your time…. Knowing these differences makes the body feel soooo much better!

I hope to see you on the call tomorrow – to Clear Time, so you can have the Time of Your Life be just for you.

Time IS On Your Side, Yes It Is!

You see what you want to see.
Seek and you shall find.
This is cosmic law.

Instead of asking what’s wrong, start looking for what’s right with you, this situation and everything?