March 22, 2018 Delia Yeager

Heal Your Own Business (Whether you have one yet or not!) Call ~ March 23, 6:00 pm Eastern  –  3:00 Pacific 
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This call is for you if you are in any degree of overwhelm when it comes to thinking about your business. 

Whether you are thinking about starting your own business, or if you have been in your business for a while, if you are feeling overwhelmed, constantly tired, drained, and in resistance to your business, you can find real relief from this call.

Reaching out, talking to new people about what your work can do for them, help them with, can be a really exciting and joyful part of your business.

You love what you do! You totally believe, and know from experience – your own as well as the experience of people you’ve already worked with – that the work you do can make a profound difference and improvement in people’s lives.

Your work does not have to be for everybody to be powerful and useful, and there will be some people (often people you are related to!) that will never see or experience the greatness of your work – but that does not mean your work isn’t great!!!

But if you are always pitching to your interpersonal, longest-standing problem relationship people – not so much.

But remember – your clients are looking for you as much as you are looking for them!

In the call this week we are going to clear and remove (heal) some of the most common and truest for you blocks to your standing in your power, your reality of your business, and not your detractors!

These calls are fun – and potent! If you are on the live call, or if you can’t be there live but plant to listen later, your energy will be engaged in the call and the MP3 because – well, we really are Infinite Beings, and even when we don’t know consciously in advance, our Infinite self knows and cosmically arranges things, so even if you didn’t hear about this till sometime later, and start listening then, you will still get the benefits! How great is that?!!!

Friday, March 23, 2018 at 6:00 pm Eastern, 3:00 pm Pacific time. Click here to sign up now.

See you then!  Sovereignty #now!  Let’s do this!


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