September 16, 2016 Delia Yeager

Hello Lovelies.

Feel the winds of change stirring in your … loins? Mind? Hips? Throat? Neck? Shoulders? Somewhere? Everywhere?

We’re on the gearing up side of the Harvest full moon, an eclipse and what I know is that this is the moment of decision.

You know that intensity you’ve been feeling and trying to calm yourself down from?

What if now is the time to listen and take action, not to calm yourself down?
What if now is the time to drop, stop, quit and fling some-thing-body Away, and be finished with it/them?
What if the intensity isn’t a mood, an emotion, but a call to action from your higher self?
What if “it’s not just you,” but your higher-Self demanding = Time to fish, or cut bait!
What do you want? What DO you want? What do YOU want? WHAT do you want? What do you WANT?

Don’t spend a lot of time thinking, strategizing, hemming or hawing.

What do you want? What DO you want? What do YOU want? WHAT do you want? What do you WANT?

You KNOW what you want.

What if this window, this portal, this 24-48 hour time zone is demanding the answer to exactly that, and for you to COMMIT?

Commit to your greater good; to your health; to your well-fare.
Commit to your delight, wonder, growing, thriving.
Commit to your dreams, what you love, what you want to create in these wild and wacky jungles of time and space.


What if all this pressure and irritability is your higher Self demanding you (body-personality) chose and stand for what you actually want and value?

Are you ready?

Cause if you act now, the forces of the Universe really are behind you and it can be like you’re on the Concord with the wind on your side and you can cross the traverse in record time and distance – now.

Ever heard of a Tesseract?
Read A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. It’s fabulous.
She describes a Tesseract as a way to get from here to there, covering an impossible distance, in no time and with very little effort because in that moment, the distance between here and there disappears.

I know. It’s awesome. That’s what spiritual growth is like sometimes. The distance between here and there, disappears.

Now is one of those moments.

Take advantage of this energy!

What are you done with? What do you want instead?
Hang out what that – where you want to go – intensely Being There.

Let go. Barriers down. Let go. Barriers down. Let go. Barriers down. And BE where you want to go.

Give yourself the boost of having a session and we’ll help you hit hyper-drive in a jiffy.

Life. It’s a full contact sport. Ye-haaawwww!

Peace + love + big changes!

Here’s to a love of white water rafting! <3


Be. You. Now.

I work with people who are committed to their own well-being and thriving, now.