July 26, 2019 Delia Yeager

I am so excited to invite you to join me this Sunday for a truly fabulous Call to get your the tools and clearings for Growing Abundance in YOUR Life & Living!

How does it get any better than that? 


The world wants us living in reruns – the same things happening in different relationships with different people, or at different jobs, with your finances, health, art or any other aspect of your life, but all in all, all of life is just one big rerun – nothing ever changes, nothing ever gets or stays better, and the hustle is all there is.

We go through the same old same old long enough, we start believing that’s all there is.

On the call, we are going to start to clear the underlying energies that have created the gravitational pull that keeps you seeing, hearing and believing the same things over and over again, creating the limits  that you’ve come to believe are truths, and that keep you from having and doing and being and living the life of your dreams, full and exciting and the place you most want to be, instead of the place you need a vacation from.

Come prepared to feel better – more calm yet more energetic, freer, more hopeful, clearer – faster than you can reasonably expect, as if by magic.

I say as if by magic meaningfully.

The way the world operates these days, if you can’t put words to it, if you can’t think it a way that a non-believer would but turned into a believer, if you can’t present it to a bank manager and get approval, then it doesn’t count.

And the truth is – and you know this with every cell and fiber of your being – that most of how we operate, most of what we experience in life is out of those parameters, hence – the world of magic.

Magic is all the stuff that white papers and reports don’t cover – which is most of life.

Simply put  – this is a Call for everyone but the muggles!

Join me on the Call this Sunday at 6:00 PM Eastern  $67

If we did a private session on this, it would be $200, but I want more and more people to start experiencing the MORE that they ARE, and creating the world of magic and infinite possibilities now, when we need it the most, so let’s be on this call together.

Change your life and you change the world!

We need more practical magic – pragmagic – and we need it now! Join me on this call, this Sunday!

And clear limits to your having, asking for & experiencing more Abundance in all areas of your life!

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Then send an email to us at delia@deliayeager.net with how you are experiencing blocks and limits to Abundance, and we’ll clear them on the call.