Grandmother Full Moon Healing Zoom

May 18, 2019 Delia Yeager

Have you ever felt like you were doing that thing again, that thing you said you would never do again, that thing that doesn’t even seem like you, yet you’re bound to doing it – what if that thing is not your thing?

What if it is an energy pattern that originated in someone else, maybe a grandparent, and came to you through their kid, your parents?

Remember the story of the woman cooking Thanksgiving dinner with her mother & grandmother, and as she’s cutting off the end of the ham to put it in the oven to cook, she asks her mom why they cut off the end of the ham, and the mom says she doesn’t know either and asks her mom, who says oh, we just never had a pan big enough. Hahaha!

So where in your life are you cutting off the end of the ham and you don’t know why? Let’s clear that and return to sender with consciousness!

So much I see these days are old, old energies from long ago, coming up through individual people’s private consciousness, causing so much pain because reason and cognitive can’t comprehend or process it – because it didn’t originate with the 2019 individual. It is in essence foreign (to their one system) energy so it disturbs everything,  but it can be released and transformed, simply.

Join me tomorrow for a taste of this kind of release – relief and restoration.

The Grandmother Moon, today’s full moon, is an optimum time to release the gunk and keep the true connection with the ALL that IS.

This Call can assist you as you raise our own vibration and bring you gentle and profound, fun healing as well as for all our ancestors.


Heal yourself and you really do heal the world.

Remember, stuff comes up and out for Healing = transformation and enLIGHTENment, so be gentle with your sweet self and keep choosing YOU.

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This call is passed but the energy is still available if you call on it.