What Are You Full Of?

August 12, 2017 Delia Yeager

I was talking with a friend who’s in the process of looking to buy a new place – acreage, stables, pond or lake and house. She was saying how in one call from the Banker, he said they could do this amazing property, and the down payment would be this very do-able price. She was aware of how expansive and excited she felt when she got off the phone, and she and hubby’s heads were dancing in delight at the possibilities.

Then the Banker called back and said, “Oh, I forgot to factor in this blabla, so now this is the new parameter of what’s possible,” and she felt the …. thunk.

She closed her eyes to tune into the energy and what she got was, she felt herself filling up with Lack energy.

“I can’t have what I want. I knew that. I knew that was too good to be true,”  etc.

In the space of a couple of minutes she was aware of her own higher tolerance and more comfort with Lack than with Having.

She was excited at the prospect of their being able to get the new property under the circumstances of a lot of ease, but she also identified how it felt a bit giddy, like “too good to be true,” and like she was getting away with something.

She knew, as she filled up with the Lack energy after the second call, that Lack felt more familiar to her system than the easy Havingness she had just experienced, and she also knew that these contrasting experiences were also a way of her Infinite Self showing her not only what she was used to, but a taste of where she could be going, if she keeps choosing More.
A lot of people don’t choose More because they have the lie in their space that says that your Fullness and Havingness is at the expense of someone else.  Someone probably more deserving than them, too.

But what if your natural state is meant to be Full of Having, Contentment, restless excitement for More – because your true nature at the core is to CREATE?

News flash – Your true nature at its core is to CREATE.

That’s where matter, things, comes from.

You create it, and in the way that most specifically, intricately suite you.
By you I mean your Infinite Energy Self, not its expression in the form of your body-mind-personality self.  What Oprah calls your Big You and your little you.
If you are full of your failures, your hooks, emotions, lostness, pains, or limits, you are filling yourself with lack and the 3D lies of who and what you are.

If you are full of infinite possibilities, that fluttering joyfulness, the immenseness of Life, wonder and how great it feels to have all this great stuff in your life and awareness, including all the losses, failures, pains and everything else that your body’s point of view shares with you all the time, then you are full of your Havingness, and the greatness of life.
Let this be a simple thing, without a lot of analyzer judgement involved.
As you go through your day, ask –    

If I am an Infinite being, with more awareness than the Time-Warner version of the world allows, what would I be right now, in this situation?


Who am I being right now? Am I being my father’s daughter? Or my mother’s daughter? Am I being the limited, judged person my family/friends/frenemies in grade school said that I was?


Am I being the little me that I always tried to be, so people would like and take care of me?
Test it out… Explore and choose who you be in any moment, and what are you full of? Lack or Havingness?
Try this at home, for today and tomorrow, then reply email me with what you discovered!


What if you could stop being stingy with you, and be more luscious, generous and full of your own, fine, spirit Self?

What if you could be full of luscious generosity, instead of lack?