August 3, 2019 Delia Yeager

Have you ever noticed how we tend to think that if we could just get this thing, or that money, or that job, or this or that person/place/thing, then we would be successful, or feel better, or be happy, because then we’d have the thing that we lack.

But there comes a time when that’s no longer a belief but a game we just keep repeating, even though it hasn’t worked in a long, long time.

And there’s so much pressure/advise to “be positive,” that it can be difficult to simply tell the truth, like, “I feel crummy about my life, my options, my self.”

So this Sunday, let’s get on the Zoom together, and let’s clear the blocks to your having more yummy in your life and body, instead of the crummy that lies of lack and loss feel like in your body/mind.

Your energy feels fantastic to your body. Your natural state is to feel relaxed and energized, knowing you can do/have/be anything you desire, excited to get up in the morning, looking forward to the day’s adventures!

If you are feeling anything less yummy than that, you’re under the spell of some beliefs, conclusions, decisions or projections that are limiting you, and you are taking them personally but they don’t belong to you at all.

Join me this Sunday, August 4 at 6:00 pm Eastern  $38

Register now. Get the Zoom contact info on Sunday. Join the call at 6:00 pm and let’s Zoom through clearings and rest your energy to YOU! Infinite, fabulous, true You.

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What else IS possible, that you’ve never even imagined?

Change your choices, change your life, and you change the world!

I am so grateful for you – truly. I can’t wait to hear what you’re creating next. xo