Freedom to be You

Imagine walking around with a 100 Lbs. bag of quarters. This bag is full of feeling left out, belief of not belonging, of longing, of outsider as a bad thing on the top and underneath, there’s not wanting to belong, and these people are nuts and I don’t want to be like them at all.

Now imagine that to feel connected to someone/something, you have to keep hold of the restrictions of that bag and put it on the counter of agreement with that someone/something. It is your literal buy-in.

So – your body equates weight, restrictions & limitations as connection, and the lie of relief with the whole dynamic of relationship. If you are not experiencing a state of the tension/pressure of the weight, and the need for a counter to rest it on – the agreement and collusion with the someone/something = then you never feel connected or like you belong.

How nutty is that?!!! Yet we do it all the time!

We think this appendage of beliefs, this bag o’crazy, is our Self, and keep hauling and swinging it around, to get the relief of fitting in, only to be horrified at what we’ve chosen to fit in to!

Then we self-medicate to hide from ourselves what we’ve bought into. Self-medicate with numbness that comes in every flavor these days; cocktails, sex, righteousness, religion, consumed with politics, social justice, resistance, being too busy to feel, Ambien, exercising, watching what you eat, Netflix, binging on anything, cutting – pain, to know you are alive.

Imagine this is all you’ve ever experienced in this lifetime, except for some few, aberrant moments.

You long to believe that things could be different, but we operate in such a way as to keep creating the experiences we allow for, and most of the time we allow for the past, what we have already experienced, but no room for what we have yet to imagine.

Imagine a dream catcher – you know, those beautiful webs that Native Americans create to catch your dreams?

Now imagine that the web catches your beliefs in what is possible, as well as your desires and fears, and then projects and creates them in physical reality.

The reality catcher can only catch what’s already been imagined and chosen as “real”, and anything that comes up outside of what you have deemed to be real, based on your past, you cannot even see, or recognize for whatever it is.

Do you know that when the locals saw the ships from Europe for the first time, they had no frame of reference for what they were seeing, and therefore no way to comprehend what they were seeing, so – whatever it was was irrelevant to them. They soon learned what that image, that sight and shape meant in hard reality, but before they encountered the contents of that image, it was merely and inconsequential and aberrant image.

Check out the 1999 Mira Sorvino-Val Kimmer movie – At First Sight.

The great Oliver Saks reveals (through the screen play) how much our minds, and that conceptual reality-dream-catcher’s mitt, has to do with the process of sight, and knowing what we see. Our intelligences are employed more in our physical sight than previously imagined.

And by intelligences, I mean more than only the Analyzer, the only part of thinking that gets any credit, these days.

Do you have trouble believing that things you haven’t experienced are true?

Like, it’s impossible to imagine your life as full of ease, flow and satisfaction?

Let’s try this in another way.

Do you believe you have any comprehension of what the life of a professional athlete is truly like? Or a Wall Street investor? Or a Princeton Professor? Or a NASA engineer? Of Serena Williams? Or Oprah? Or Jane Fonda?

Now, do you believe that their realities to don’t exist, because you cannot imagine them? Of course not! You know that you cannot imagine them, but that they do exist – right? That their realities are different to yours?

So, stop believing the lies, conclusions, assumptions that if you cannot image something, it cannot exist; as well as the lie that you should be able to imagine everything, all the time, with equal veracity.

I swear, it is so crazy the way we confuse things.

We expect ourselves – and it I projected at us 24/7 – that we should know everything Google does, just as fast and in at least that much detail.  You can see how crazy that is when I say it flat out like that, but how much of your day is consumed with your thinking you should know everything, at all times?!

But that’s a mechanical (clunky) expectation projection that is very common right now.

So much of technology is a clunky imitation of our innate, multidimensional abilities and capacities.

For instance, you can (and do, underneath the programming lies) know everything that you need to know in any moment for you to navigate and make the most of every moment.

It is called Knowingness, and yes, it’s built-in to you.

That’s why “they” spend so much time and money pumping you and the popular narrative with so many limiting lies.

You are much easier to lead and control if you are off-balance, unsure and full of self-doubt.

Then they can profit yet again by manufacturing limiting technologies to imitate your unlimited capacities and tell you their technology is better – than You. Ha!

Haven’t you had enough?

Isn’t it time you learn how to clear out the programming, beliefs, conclusions, your addiction to Rat-Brain and the lie of figuring it all out?

That’s what happened for me, or rather what I created for myself. I chose Another Way.

I had spent so many years with all the fitting in/not fitting in, buying-in and not, and all the judging of me, then you, then them and back again.

I bought the figure-it-out lie hook, line, and sinker – as absolutely as I was programmed for, and finally, finally I said – that’s it.

I finally decided I’d had enough self-abuse of beating myself up, making my body and being, my perceptions and awareness wrong all the time, and that I was D O N E.

The lie said I was falling off the edge of the world, that I would be all alone and die. But I know I was moving to a country I had never been to before – An undiscovered, and uncharted, country – where I could be simply myself in every moment, every situation, no matter who was or wasn’t there too. Where I would have friends and fitting-in wouldn’t be an issue, and no buy-in would even be required!

Ahhh – the freedom to explore and be me! Finally!

I highly recommend this form of choosing you.

In fact, I have committed my life to bring this More into the world, by how I am, and by sharing that energy of infinite possibilities with anyone interested.

So, when you are finally sick and tired of all that, commit. Commit to You, your infinite self that excites and animates your amazing physical body, and things will change.

Commit to You, and your life will become a much more luscious place to be.

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