Navigating by Flow – No Flow, instead of judgment

July 2, 2018 Delia Yeager

What if you stopped judging you?

What would happen?

If you aren’t condemning and approving this and that and this and that all day long, what could you do with all that time? And energy?

If you could create, instead of judge; if you could choose, instead of picking the lesser of 2 evils, what might your life be like?

I don’t know about you, but ever since growing up in the turbulent 60’s I tried to find reason & meaning, to spare me from the pain of shocking mayhem of the times. Meaninglessness seemed the biggest threat, an annihilator of human decency, so I was very relieved in the early 70’s to read Viktor Frankl’s book, Mans Search for Meaning. If meaning could get him and other’s through Auschwitz, surely meaning and reason could help me survive all the lies and mayhem of these modern times.

I completely invested in meaning, and reason. May seem a little ironic for a very sensitive, clairsentient psychic poet girl, or rather – a great balancing out.

I completely set store in meaning and reason for the next few decades, but in my own totally human way, meaning I navigated by meaning and reason, and by sense/feel so much so that by the time I was in my late 20s my father said I had great right and left-brain balance.

And it did help me balance the Sponge-Bob habits I had of sensing (and sucking up) all the emotions of those around me, especially their unwanted emotions.

Finding meaning also gave me a job, a focus, when things were their craziest, and in time it led naturally into omen hunting – looking for signs that the Universe was on my side, when it felt like very little was on my side.

The search for meaning also lead naturally into psychology, like Carl Rogers and self-actualization, Joseph Campbell myth, symbolism and meaning again – refuges and a tonic for brain fever.

Whether it was coming from an alcoholic family or the social mayhem of the times, my own extreme awareness in a world that promoted numbing to cope instead, meaning was my port in the storm, until it was part of the domination, too.

Since meaning and reason has saved my life before, it was hard to realize that it was not an abuser too, but it IS of the pattern, the social construct of domination, so that made sense, once I cleared an awful lot of loyalty to meaning and reason and my contracts for them to save me.

The wind, birds, animals, weather – the natural world IS a living organism, individually and collectively, and we are part of that natural world, but so much interpretation, meaning and reason has been laid over the natural world, like layers of netting, so that we have come to believe it is the netting that is the natural world, instead of the natural world itself!

Like so many of us, I had learned to read the shadows and imprints of the structure of the netting – not the living, breathing nature beneath. That is kind of what meaning, and reason are – a captured, crystalized netting over the living thing, but not the living thing itself.

In time, the pain of hanging on to these interpretive meanings and reasonings got too painful, and I naturally fell through the netting, and down into the natural world itself.

The soft, spongy yet sold forest floor of what IS.

Reason doesn’t take you there: in fact, reason often protects you from what IS.

What gets you there is simple – noticing. Being present. Living in the present tense. And using that original, organic navigational tool of flow or no-flow = noticing what IS.

If there is expanse, a sense of possibilities, lightness, brightness and flow – that is your YES.



If there is no way out, no option, nowhere to go, darkness, tightness and no flow – that is your NO.



All you ever need to know in life, actually, is –

Truth: is this true for me? Yes, or no. Flow, or no flow.

Truth: does this feed me, or bleed me?

Following the energy will never steer you wrong, though it may take a little time for reason to catch up. I call that do your knowingness now, get the memo later.

Reason and meaning are the constructs, the netting we cast over what IS.

But it is time to live by what is true, and has energy/flow, for you, not in an imitation way, like living by someone else’s white papers, but by off-book; what I call coming out of re-runs and into living LIVE.

There are fabulous tools for unlearning and releasing the lies and reasons, the meanings adopted or made up, that cover the truth for you.

You already have tools to uphold and enforce that imitative living – isn’t it time to lean the tools that set you free instead?

Start by using the flow – no flow. Try this:

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Ask your body to turn up the volume so you can feel a sensation in your body, often somewhere between your shoulders and hips; a physical sensation you can identify, and then say to yourself – my body likes to drink water and notice how your body feels. Then say – my body likes to drink paint thinner, and notice the sensation, how your body responds. Usually water is light, bright, expansive and flowy, while paint thinner is dark, heavy, contracting and no flow whatsoever.

This is a way your “higher self” can use your physical body to communicate what your truth is, while getting to circumvent your analyzer-brain (which is full of reason and facts that make up the netting that confuses the truth with the answer.)

Use this flow-no flow to get the truth for you in an instant to navigate your life today.

Use it for simple things – Truth, do I turn left here? flow-no flow – or right?

Whenever you are making a decision today, use the “Truth: do I do/don’t do this?” and  flow – no flow is the yes-no answer.

We make something like 10,000 choices, decisions, and micro decisions a day, mostly  unconsciously; on autopilot.

If you were to make 10 previously unconscious decisions from your awareness, fully conscious, and with the weight of your choice, you will change the trajectory of your life experience in ways you cannot even imagine.

You have the power to create a fabulous life for you, and by doing so, you create more possibilities not only for you, but also for others as well. Hence, heal yourself and you heal the world.

Have a flowy day, or a no-flow day, as you choose. 😉

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