Figuring It Out & The Cursed How’s

February 4, 2018 Delia Yeager

Back when I was in college as an English Major, one afternoon a fellow asked the professor, “Why should we study Shakespeare? With the war (Vietnam) and the work in Civil Rights, and everything else that’s going on, really – what does any of this matter?”

Fr. Lee answered, “In a few years, you are going to be working as an accountant or executive in business somewhere. You’ll be using the logic of math and economics to make pragmatic decisions and that’s fine, but if you make those decisions out of no other context other than 2 + 2 = 4, you’ll be making those decisions in something of a vacuum. Studying Shakespeare is studying the nature of life, humanity, power, how people behave in high stakes power struggles, lechery, larceny, betrayal, love – Shakespeare has it all, and he expresses these universal themes so well, they stay with you. And even if the names and details don’t, you will have learned a different way to think than 2 + 2 = 4, and that will make its way into your pragmatic decision making, and help you bring humanity into your decisions, which will help everyone.”

This was some time ago but what Fr. Lee said is still true.

The culture now is wacky and has migrated to problem solving as The Way of thinking almost exclusively. It’s about the only way of thinking that is regarded as worthwhile or relevant.

There is a myth, a lie, that says everything comes down to problem

-solving as how to make money. As though your only intelligence is thinking, and that’s sexy and cool, and the only pragmatic and safe way to be in the world.

Once you buy that lie, that premise, your course of action is set.

But if you do not buy that lie, anything is possible. Tens of thousands of other choices and possibilities become viable.

And it’s a big lie to let go of.

Once you let go of the lie that to be responsible, you must apply problem solving logic to every area of your life, everything opens up.

It can feel like free-fall in a bad way, or in a great way. If your programming is really strong, it can feel like you are being frivolous, like that’s a bad thing.

The programming is very strong in the culture so however you have been programmed to see people who do not live by problem solving logic is how you’ll now see yourself; a dreamer, irresponsible, not taking things seriously enough, a slacker – whatever “bad” used to persuade you not to be that way is now how you’ll see yourself.

In the past, this has usually enough to stop you and get you back on track of the 3-D-problem-solving-only-worthwhile-day lie, but now you are choosing your way out of that limiting box and into full-on Life, so you know that energy coming up is a sign that you are going in the right direction. And this is where being On Your Side is so important, to insure you don’t re-fall for the old lies and chose your way past the emotional programming barrier reefs of how you can’t trust life, only problem-solving logic.

First of all, pat the body, validate your amazing body for its doing it job in warning you when you go out of previous bounds, and reassure your body that the infinite part of you is in charge and helping with all this, even if you don’t yet have a specific thing to point to – yet.

However, if you are keeping a log of 5 things you did right and/or manifested every day, and 5 things that you appreciate, or that “just happened” then you will have a body of evidence to reassure your body.

Let’s say you want to change careers or start your own healing/helping business/practice.

The problem-solving world says you must start with the How’s, but once you start, you can never stop with the How’s. 

How are you going do to that? How will you fund it? What training or credentials do you need to get? What school will you apply to? Can you get a loan? Can you get a grant? How do you apply for those? And ten thousand other logistical How’s to answer.

Ever notice how when you start asking How, it’s like a bubble machine that just creates more How questions?

That’s because whatever you seek, you find.

We are nothing but creative.

Whatever direction you seek, whatever question you ask, will produce the very thing you are looking for.

With problem solving mind, you will create nothing but problems, so you can solve them.

While this may seem worthy or valuable or even entertaining, after a while, it’s just a treadmill.

But since the Universe can only ever say, “Yes,” to us, as we are the Infinite Beings (not the body-mind-personality self us) whatever we ask for, especially over and over again, it must come to us. Period. It’s like gravity – a force of nature, not a belief system.

Since the Universe can only say yes and bring to us whatever we ask for, it is important to chose to spend your energy on what you actually want, even when what you want is past the horizon of what you think is possible for you.

Do I mean don’t take care of your physical reality while wishing things get better? Not at all.

I mean get a sense of what your life and possibilities look like from the satisfaction point of this, and see yourself living from there, as though you already have it. Let the cells of your body vibrate at this Havingness state for a minute or two a couple of times a day, and then make every choice from the context of – does this choice bring that state more into possibility in my life, or less? And then chose the one that makes that vibe the new physical reality of your life.

Live like you’re a stuck little person who has very few choices, all limited to the cursed how’s and answering those limiting question, and you have a lifetime of that.  

Live knowing that you are an infinite, creative being and you will grow wildly in true wealth, abundance, joy and amazing adventures.

You chose which, every day.