Family Crazy Clearing on Solstice Night

December 18, 2016 Delia Yeager

We’re doing it again, Bright Sparks!  A Healing Call for Clearing the Family Crazy this Wednesday 12/21 at 3 pm Pacific/6 pm Eastern for those of you who asked and couldn’t make it on Sunday.

The last call was utterly fabulous, but the recording didn’t work and since then…

I was working with another fabulous client today who had some old pain that got stirred up by an email from a relative. She was telling me how they this and they that and what happened when and to whom, getting more and more worked up even as she was laughing at being worked up.

“I know this is all healing, but OMG – I don’t know how to be ME when I’m with them!”

“So, who needs to change, to make the holidays more fun and less crazy for you?”

“Well, they are never going to change! This nuttiness is all working for them just fine, as far as they are concerned! That’s partly why I get so crazy – they are fine with this insanity!!  OMG – they don’t need to change – I do!”
Alright! Now we’re twinkling with fairy dust! Let’s do this!
Okay – one more time! And this time I will record it, so you can listen again as many times as needed!

Let’s clear the old programming about giving and receiving
About who are “supposed to” be and/or allowed to be
What role you have been relegated to, and how to blow it to bits!

Get free of using your life-force energy to make other people’s reality real, by your going along with or resisting it.

Let’s blow the stuck-old-pain pictures and family programming!


Join us for this Healing Circle Wednesday by phone, and give yourself the gift of YOU, refreshed and connected as Spirit, for the holiday season.

Enjoy yourself this holiday season, no matter how batty your family may – or may not – be.

What if you didn’t have to reflect or validate their reality, now or at any time in the future? How great would that be?!

Give yourself this early holiday gift and join us Wednesday on the call.

Wednesday, December 21st at 3:00 pm Pacific / 6:00 pm Eastern

This Healing Call will be recorded, so sign up even if you can’t be on the call & everyone will get the mp3 within 24 hours.

Isn’t it time that you are the only reigning queen of your holidays, your holy days and your life? You betcha!