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Group Call: Body

March 30 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


This group call is around your relationship with your fabulous body.

Your body is what I like to call your Native Guide to living in the jungles of space-time, here on Planet Earth. Your body includes highly sophisticated systems of sensing energy, light, time, and more, as well as thoughts, and the Cadillac of them all, emotions – electromagnetic calls to action. But we’ve been sold a bill of goods that says the body is only good for one thing, and if your body isn’t just so this or that, it’s no good. Let’s  come together and clear some stuff so you can be more loving and less judgmental with your luscious, fantastic, wisdom-filled body.

These sessions help to heal participants over issues we all share.

You bring your individual energies and experiences, and discover how not alone you are in all this, and I’ll facilitate the energy clearing for the group as I would during an individual session. If you join a group call from your own home, car or office, you’re bringing this healing energy into your space, wherever you are.

The Group Healing call includes other people’s questions and perspectives, allowing you to benefit from the other folks on the call, their questions and their energy. So be sure to send in an email with what you are working on. The more direct, conscious contributions we have like that, the more dynamic and fabulous the calls can be.

On the call, we clear an array of clusters of like-energies, and the recordings transmit the clearing energy with every replay, so it’s a healing/clearing that keeps on giving.

You’ll be sent a recording of the call after it ends, even if you can’t be on the call live.

Sign up for this call by paying here (including your email address as a note), and you’ll get an email with a link to join the session at the scheduled time or a phone number to call in to.

This Body Body Body call is an introductory call – $11. for easy access.


March 30
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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