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Clairvoyance for Empaths (Beginner Training) – Week 1

June 2, 2018 @ 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm


You already know the emotional state of everyone in every room you enter. You can sense/feel other people’s emotions, whether you want to or not.

But it can seem more like a burden or weakness in the world, than a superpower. Without training, it can be a little crazy-making.

Having tools to test for what is your energy and what is not helps you act on your own behalf, instead of on someone else’s; helps you live your own life, instead of people-pleasing for survival.

And having tools to test for the accuracy of what you are reading is invaluable. You can know because you’ve verified it for yourself.

Knowing what to do with other people’s energies is not only useful, but if you are an Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person, it can be a lifesaving, and sanity saving, practice.

Wk. 1 (June 2) – Overview and sensing energy practice – Auras, Gathering energy, Grounding
Wk. 2 (June 9) – Tapping into big You; energy balls & playing catch, get bigger, energetically
Wk. 3 (June 16) – Reading others & getting feedback!!! Live and in class!
Wk. 4 (June 23) – Tools for reading yourself; more reading each other

4 weekly classes to get you on your way to creating more of what you want, and knowing what to do in any situation, all while being more YOU than ever. How great is that?

Each class has time for your questions about what we’re doing and how you do it, so everyone gets to guidance about their own system.

You are already navigating your life by reading energy, but it is time you start having the right dictionary for what things mean for you, and can you verify for accuracy on the spot. This class gives you tools and training at that.

This class can start you on your way to more comfort in your body, a deeper sense of security, and your own true power, as well as more accurately interpreting the messages from your infinite self through your energetic and physical body

Delia has been psychic, studying, reading and training people about subtle energy since the 1980’s. Her extensive training in energy and spiritual counseling has supported her assisting others in healing and transforming every area of their lives as well. She has given thousands of past life and other kinds of readings and healings, taught hundreds of people how to read energy, heal themselves and make a difference in their own environments, from basic to advance training.

This training is very inner-active and hands-on, and you will be practicing techniques and developing your psychic abilities right from the first class.

Come prepared to start to accurately identify energies and sensations, be amazed at your own psychic abilities, and how to build those muscles to improve every area of your life.

Most of all, come prepared to be amazed at your superpowers!

Call Sacred Circle at 703-299-9309 to register to attend live in Alexandria.

To attend via Zoom call click here.


June 2, 2018
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Sacred Circle
919 King St
Alexandria, VA 22314 United States
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