This will be a closed group of women committed to their own private healing of past blocks, pains, stuck aspects of self, to re-integrate, re-inspire, re-store and ignite your life, love, finances, creativity and everything.

All of you are already practice the healing work and energy practice, so we can dive right in and everyone can enjoy great freedom, release and healing right from the beginning.

In this group we will be having monthly private teleconference calls to clear the energies that have been trapped, stuck, hindered, or clinging that no longer serve your greater good.

All stuck stuff served a great and ingenious purpose at the point of inception, but now it acts more as a barrier and prison than a help.

These energies are as excited to be released and reassigned, and to remember themselves again, and to pay you for their liberation as equal energy exchange and as you are to get rid of them.

This monthly call is more direct healing work than conversation. It is best if you run your energies for 15 minutes prior to the call, so we can get the most out of each call.

You can email any questions or areas you want healing between the calls but the calls will be guided in the moment to the most potent and useful thing for clearing in that moment as decided by everyone’s Highest Self as You and the Universe are always colluding to bring about your greatest, deepest healing, and most fun, in present time.

Group calls will be on Sundays at 5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 pm Eastern

Sunday July 17th 
Authority, Sovereignty – clearing who’s the boss of you

August 14th
Power – fun, comfort and profit with your own power

September 11th
Serving your higher Self – calling your energy back from agreement to other people’s limits, conclusions, delusions and assumptions that simply no longer serve your greater good.

Calls will be recorded. You can send in questions especially if you know you won’t be able to be on the call. All the healing and transformational energies will be available on the mp3 every time you listen to it.


Register in one payment before midnight July 4th and receive a bonus 30-minute Healing Session at a conveniently appointed time during the three months.

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