Earth Day Week Gift & Special

April 23, 2018 Delia Yeager

Hello Lovelies!

There is more to your relationship with the Earth than you’ve never even imagined. 

What if you could receive a healing from the planet, without effort?

What if you could hear the planet’s song, and what if that was a healing for you?

What if the Earth is always in a state of offering wholeness and transformation, and that you could easily learn to hear and drink in and experience some onesness with All that Is?

I had a really amazing session this Earth Day morning with many of you, and here’s the MP3 audio.

I invite you to find a great place to sit where you have access to some sun or breeze or trees, or just in your room with some earbuds, and make a connection with the planet like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, maybe.

I am sooo glad you are here.  

Click here for the MP3

Your Sovereignty Matters.

P.S.  Click here to get your Earth Day Private Session SPECIAL $165 instead of $200! (limit 3)  Offer only good till midnight tonight  extended for the whole week!  (I did this just for you – you know who you are <3)


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