September 24, 2014 Delia Yeager

Did you know that the Healing Process is predictable?

The bullet points could be:
– Shock/awe/blast-imprinting intense
– Pulsating cycles of denying, pretending, running away from, ignoring, minimizing
– Implosion  cycles taking things out on self, then Others, in turn
– Critical mass crisis – something  must break!

Choice – either turn around and face the thing, or crash, freeze again and repeat the cycle

We are meant to Break – as in break through. Break through involves some degree of break down.

When you have been through the healing cycle enough times you start to recognize the landmarks;

This is the place where you know you cannot go on anymore

This is the bend in the road where you really wish you were dead, or someone else

This is the rise in the hill where you are just too. tired. to. go. on.

All of these could be those small metal circles in the pavement, like GPS uses.

In the landscape of being human, these are naturally occurring places to pass through, especially in a culture that does not know how to have emotions – what they are for, how to interpret them, how to feel them or get rid of them.

Ironically, all you have to do to understand or get rid of an emotion is feel it. No resistance, not even buying into it completely; just feel it, allow it to “show you its point of view,” as though you cared, as though you respected its contribution to your Wholeness.

That’s it.

The absolute second you do that, it will automatically change, and flow into something else. Something else higher, clearer, cleaner, brighter and with the great release of amusement.

Emotions are trying to convey a message. Every time you resist and refuse to hear the message or open the envelope, the emotion becomes more insistence, stubborn, determined, louder.

Our higher self and the Universe communicate first with a whisper, a feather, a tickle. If we hear and respond, great! Transmission complete and the whole system can and does move on – no thinking, analyzing, explaining or figuring out required.

But when we refuse to listen, run away, put our fingers in our ears and say, “La! Lalalalalala!” at the top of our lungs, well, then we get the stick. If we still won’t listen we then get the 2 by 4. And if we still don’t listen, then we get the MAC truck, etc.

You know this cycle.  You’ve seen it in your friends over a hundred times. If you could hear above the “lalalala” you’d know you’d seen it in your life a hundred times. That’s okay.

So the other thing that is predictable along the way is what’s known as a Growth Period.

A Growth Period is just what it sounds like.

You know how in diet and physical natural healing, sometimes the first thing that happens is the experience of things getting worse?

That’s a sign of a Growth Period.

A growth period is when you are growing out of your comfort zone.

Imagine the seed, buried under ground. It is this hard little thing, down in the dirt, in the dark, and the pressure builds up inside until – until it cracks. Cracks wide open.

Then there is this spindly, weak little shoot that has to force its way gently between the cracks of the soil as it blindly grows up towards the sunlight it cannot see.

From the outside, above ground, it looks as if there is nothing happening.

But inside, some of the more empowering transformation is happening; the transformation that sets the stage for so many others.

Often times growth periods are recognized by being somewhere between uncomfortable and in pain; maybe miserable; maybe angry; maybe you’re eating more chocolate than usual, or working more, or crying more.

A growth period usually has some quality of, “this crap – again?” maybe with a little whine to it. Or it might be steely and determined – on top of a lot of anger/pain.

If you are doing your Spiritual Practice daily, you will be more at ease or at least resist your growth period less, which will make it less painful.

Whatever the original wound was – it is not nearly as wrenching, painful, tearing at you and bleeding you as the accumulated resistance you have to It, whatever It is.

My Rx for Growth Periods: 

Pat your body and remind yourself, this too shall pass.

All of life IS a Spiritual Process, whether you believe in it or not. Just because it is not recognized doesn’t mean it’s not true. Life can only BE a Spiritual Experience because life – that bright spark – is spiritual. 

Everything else is just a story.

Meanwhile make your test question:

“Can I love me anyway?” and make the answer Yes. In all cases, no matter how you feel or what your head says – make the answer, “Yes – I love me. “
Now is a great time to give yourself the gift and support of an Energy Healing, to help yourself with releasing what no longer works for you and integrating more of your spiritual energy into your body and life.

Stand By You in your growth, transformation and healing = Life. 

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