Don’t let “How” stop you from your dream

February 26, 2018 stanfieldm

Mike Dooley, the guy who’s been writing the Notes from the Universe for years, calls them the Cursed Hows.

He talks about how The Cursed Hows are what stop us from creating the life of our dreams, and it’s true.

We can get so hung up with how, and get so frustrated, that we stop dreaming.

Think about it.

Let’s say you want more money in your life, but your full-time job has a salary, and you aren’t due for a raise because they have a salary freeze or they aren’t giving raises this year. Or you’ll just get the standard cost of living raise when the time comes. Bottom line, you are not in charge of your income. It is not flexible, there is no possibility for more, and that’s that.

The Hows say you cannot make more money — no time, no choice, no control, no possibility, period. Then you’re just so frustrated, emotionally wound up and with no place to go, you have a moment of emotional explosion and decide things like: you can’t have more money, you can’t have more than what others will give you, you can’t get what you need or want, you’re not enough, money and other people are more powerful than you, and this proves it.

Sometimes The Hows are what makes something possible: I’m going to go on a trip to Europe. How?

I’ll buy a plane ticket. Yes.
I’ll book a car. Yes.
I’ll book hotels for the places I want to drive to. Yes.
I’ll pack my clothes and take some money to spend while I’m there. Yes.
We’ll have a great time. Yes!

The Universe can only ever say, “Yes!” to anything and everything we ask for. That means the Universe can only say Yes to everything — the stuff we want, as well as the stuff we don’t want!

Here’s another example of The Hows creating more problems than they solve. Like the trip example:

I want to go to Europe. Yes.
But I don’t have the money for the airfare. Yes.
And I don’t have any place free to stay over there. Yes.
And I can’t afford any hotels over there. Yes.
And there’s no one who could take care of my pet. Yes.
And I don’t have any vacation time due. Yes
And I don’t know how to get from one town to another. Yes.
And I haven’t ever been there before; I could get lost. Yes.
And I don’t have any/enough credit to do any of this anyway. Yes.
And I’m a loser anyway. Yes.
I can never get what I want. Yes.
I can never get a break. Yes.
I’ll never have enough money. Yes.
I’ll never have enough credit. Yes.
No one in their right mind would give me credit anyway. Yes.
Who am I kidding — I can’t go to Europe. Yes.
I’m not one of “those people,” who can just decide to go, and go. Yes.
I’m not good enough. Yes.
Things like that never happen for me. Yes.
I don’t deserve to go anyway. Yes.
I’m just not going to have a life I like. Yes.

See how with every one of these thoughts, conclusions, decisions and assumptions, we are telling the Universe more and more of what we don’t want, what we are afraid is true. The more we do this, the more we create this as our reality in this body, in this lifetime, at home and at work.

Now, in the old days the next step was to do what I call, “search and destroy!” every one of those thoughts, feelings, assumptions, etc. Ugh! It was exhausting!

And ironically, by looking for these very specific What’s Wrongs, I kept finding more and more of them. Why? The Universe always and only says Yes! And if you are looking for what’s wrong, you will always find what’s wrong!

Things have changed a lot, especially in the past couple of years.

For one thing, now we look for what’s right: about us and about situations, especially the ones our bodies and others describe as sucky. The more you look for what’s right, the more you’ll find what’s right about … everything.

For another thing, now we clear batches and groups of like-energies. Whew! So much deeper-faster-easier.

This works really great, unless your analyzer has to vet every word and energy before you can change or release anything, and then it’s going to be a slog.

Do you see how in the second example of the Taking A Trip to Europe the list got really long and strayed from just the trip itself to what the trip and money meant about you, what’s possible, your worth and more?

And the Universe can only say Yes, so in the example you are ordering up, asking the Universe for more blocks to money, blocks to your getting what you want, more proof that you don’t deserve what you want, or that you do deserve disappointments, etc.

If you had to think-reason-analyzer your way down every pathway, it’d be like clearing the circulatory system (veins) out of your body. Very tedious, meta and not really possible.

HOWEVER, clearings by groupings of like-energies is much easier.

Plus, the starting point of everything now is: How much of this is yours? Because something like 98% of your thoughts and emotions are not even yours.

Even the ones you have had for a long time, and the ones you identify with and as yours — even those came from someone else.

Whew! Because you cannot process other people’s energies, so the first thing to do is dump, unceremoniously and without thought, all energies that do not belong to you. Wowzers! Yippee!

On the Money Clearing Call this week, we are going to clear other people’s information and emotions, and some of the most common beliefs, lies, misinformation and terminations to having more money that we all have to one degree or another.

All those Cursed Whys that answer why you can’t are blocks; let’s start clearing them now.

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