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March 6, 2018 Delia Yeager

What if your blowing your life up – again – is simply your way genius way
of course correction w
ith flair?

What if it you could course correct earlier? Sooner, like as soon as you felt the feather?

I often talk about being calibrated to the feather, instead of the 2 by 4 to the back of the knees.

When you are listening, the message gets through and you start making changes at the urging of the feather.

But the longer you resist, or “ignore” or deny the awareness, the louder and more insistent it gets – the 2 x 4, or Mac truck, or an atomic bomb. Which is great, since then you are blameless; clearly changes have to be made after you’ve blown things up. Only option there is.


When you are operating with awareness instead of rules, you notice the change in the energy before your head can find words for it.  

You notice when something doesn’t feel as comfortable or “right” as it used to, and since you respect your body and system, and know from experience that this information is trustworthy, even if you don’t yet have language for it, and that it’s time for a change – the adjust part of create & adjust.

When you’re driving a car, your hands are on the steering wheel, and you are constantly adjusting; a little to the right, a little to the left, a lot to turn and return to straight ahead.

As you are driving through town, you are focused more on where you are going, your destination, than you are on the little incremental adjustments and changes to navigation that are required to get you there.

There is no emotional attachment to any of these incremental changes or adjustments to navigate and cover the distance from where you are to where you want to end up.

There is no judgment that says where you are is bad or wrong, or when you are on this street you are a worse person at your core than when you are on that street.

You are not making the streets and neighborhoods mean something about your worth, or your pending success or failure or value or right to be. 

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There’s no personal attachment that you have to wrestle through; no meaning of you that you have to hide or transmit.  

You are simply, gently and slightly adjusting the steering wheel, a little to the left, and a little to the right as you go on your merry way.

Our nature and constant state is to create. No consent required ~ it is all we do, all the time. 

We cannot help it, or stop it, or not do it; it is how we and the physical world is built.

We, as infinite beings in bodies, are creating all the time, 24/7. And since we are creating all the time, we should be adjusting all the time as well.

But since the handbook we have for being human (think Madison Avenue, ads and media) is mostly full of gobbledygook, we sometimes become very invested in the notion that we are powerless, or less than, or incapable, or unworthy, or don’t have a right, or permission, or the capacity, to change and adjust our course. These are lies, misinformation, programming and controlling crap disguised as loyalties, deserving, devotion, duty, and reverence to a deserving ideal or deity.

But the game is rigged that way, so even while we believe these lies, we also can have a lot of anger, because that is body’s right and appropriate response to lies. In fact, it is body’s number 1 way of telling you that either you or someone else is lying to you. 

Whenever your body comes up with anger, it has important navigation information for you, if you just could hear it, without all the discrediting programming we have in this culture about anger.   

Anger also comes up when a boundary has been breached or needs to be set. Very useful information in the sovereignty of your space and being!

The thing about anger that “they” don’t want anyone to know is that some of what we call anger is actually potency – your body acknowledging the size of the project in front of you, and the power and energy it is going to take to course correct, adjust or change something.

There will always be a lot of anger around oppression, abuse, invalidation of people and places because that’s all part of the domination game that’s been running amok for way too long in this current run of history, the past 5K years, and it takes a lot of potency, dedication and focus on the destination from many, many people to get us there. The anger is appropriate to the terrain, and the task at hand.

That level of potency is required for the task. 

The structures that support and sustain oppression, abuse and invalidation of people and places have to be disrupted, interfered with and destroyed, to wake people up to what’s happening, and the need to stop that, and start something entirely else.

Sometimes the course is so entrenched, the only course correction that will work is the most potent one – blowing it up.

What if you didn’t make it mean something negative about you – the old, invalidation habit – but mean something about your power and potency?

Instead of staying loyal to something that didn’t work for you for 50 years, you blew it up when you were done, clearing the way for you to create something new; something that might fit better now?

What if instead of waiting till you just couldn’t stand it anymore, you moved to make a change earlier, before you were absolutely fried from all the resistance and denial cycles?

What if you respected and trusted yourself, based on experience, and stared to make changes before you, “prove you’re not wimping out,” or any of the other judgments, provings and self-manipulations you’ve been doing for as long as you can remember that were required before you could do what you wanted to do?

What if you knew that the way things really work in life is simply Create & Adjust, and you’re willing to be consciously aware, notice and make the adjustments with as little emotional judgement as steering the car?

If your life could be that easy and satisfying, would to chose it? 

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