Delia Yeager

Core Spiritual Practice Training 2017

The Core Spiritual Practice Training

A house cannot stand without a proper foundation.

Getting the basics is the focus of this training that helps in stressful times, and more importantly, helps prevent stressful times.

This Core Spiritual Practice is the foundation course for you if you are ready
– to have 24/7 access to your higher self
– to know what you know
– to get your spiritual answers in real-time
– and to feel better, physically, emotionally, mentally, than you have in ages

And anyone who has a hit-and-miss experience with manifesting peace money, joy, freedom, love, cars, property and anything else a body might want in this life.

In this training you get the 1:1 guidance about your energy system and how you can become consciously aware of it, to work with your nature instead of against it, to bring more peace, balance and fun into your everyday experience of life. Each training call is about 45-55 minutes long. This training does not include any healings during the training calls. Healings would be purchased separately.

In this training you learn the foundation techniques and you get to try them out in real time, starting with the first session.

You get ~
– homework to do each day,
– a journaling practice, so you can “hear” yourself better
– concepts to practice and repeat often
– a daily meditation energy work out with MP3
– daily practice and actions to clear out the lies and misinformation
– daily practice to release everybody else’s emotions, projections and opinions
– how to tell if you are being lied to

The Core Spiritual Practice Training Program is designed to give you the tools and technologies to live your life Standing By You.

Core Spiritual Practice Training –  5 sessions  $497


Terms and Conditions Agreement

With approval in advance, the 2 payment option may be available to you, but the program must be paid in full before the second session.

This package does not include any healing sessions, which are built into the Spiritual Living Program. Healing sessions are purchased separately from the Core Spiritual Practice Training.


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